Yaber Y61 projector hands-on: An ultra-portable, 5,500-lumens home theatre projector Review

The Yaber Y61 is a single of the smallest projectors that I have viewed for a although.

It has a native LED resolution of 1280 x 720p with an aspect ratio of four:three/sixteen:nine, and it will support 1080p. It will challenge from 45 inches to 200 inches with an optimum sizing of 70 inches. I observed that a display screen sizing larger than 100 inches distorts the output somewhat.

In the box, there is a electric power guide, an HDMI cable, a limited one:three AV cable, and distant command. There is also a tiny lens fabric and an instruction manual.

The projector itself is awesome and compact with proportions of close to 6in x 8in x 3in. it weighs three lbs .. There are two threaded holes: A person to mount the projector on the ceiling, and a single for the base changing screw.

This screw will not retract completely into the housing, so be cautious when placing the projector back into its box.

On the side of the projector are VGA, HDMI, and USB port, audio output, and an AV port. The top of the projector has buttons to modify channels, volume, modify the input resource, and invoke the menu.

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There is also a electric power button, a manual aim, and a keystone correction bezel. The distant command (you want to insert two AAA batteries) will enable you shrink the screen sizing from 100% to 75%.

I am fairly amazed with the audio output on the Y61. I do not imagine you will want an external speaker, as the on-board 3W stereo audio is large plenty of for big rooms. I applied the speaker projecting from a table that gave a great depth of audio.

On the other hand, Yaber states that because of to copyright this wireless projection does not support Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu — even nevertheless the fire stick can be plugged into the HDMI port.

The copyright is because of to the HDCP protocol. As Amazon fire Tv set is HDCP appropriate, you can, however, perform Netflix by means of the Amazon fire.

Yaber recommends to use the projector for household cinema projection — and not for shows. It also recommends employing the 5500 lumens projector in a dark atmosphere for greatest results.

I observed that the projector can effortlessly cope with PowerPoint shows, static images, and films wherever the shade replication is great. It also performs in daylight conditions — if the working day is not also brilliant the image can be viewed effortlessly.

Monitor mirroring to my Android gadget did not function very well with the cable, or by Wi-Fi, even nevertheless I went by the techniques in the consumer tutorial to permit USB debugging, and the screen confirmed that I was related.

I also could hook up employing Wi-Fi — but, yet yet again, I could not mirror. I suspect that this feature is much better optimized for Iphone as the consumer tutorial appears to be to recommend.

The point that definitely lets this projector down is its electric power guide. It does not appear to go fully into the socket, which suggests that each time the guide is jogged, even slightly, the projector loses electric power.

If you want a compact portable projector for your household enjoyment or provide affordable high quality image-abundant shows in smaller meeting rooms, then give the Yaber Y61 a test. For underneath $a hundred and forty (use discount code ZDSCD30 to help you save $30), its a awesome addition to your household theatre array.

Maria J. Danford

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