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Maria J. Danford

Each and every time you speak to Siri on your cellphone and request a concern or give a command, you are communicating with artificial intelligence. The only issue is that this intelligence has its limitations. In truth, in contrast to human intelligence, Siri could even be described as quite stupid, claims Ryan Cotterell, a professor who has labored at ETH Zurich considering the fact that February 2020.

Appointed by way of the ETH media technologies initiative as a Professor of Pc Science, Cotterell brings together linguistics, automated language processing and artificial intelligence. “The only motive Siri is effective is that

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Managing with machines | Technology Org

A chatbot is now accessible to answer ETH members’ questions about the IT services made available by the university. The IT Services group lately launched the bot to aid people aid them selves.

But IT Director Rui Brandao admits they however have some way to go. “In about half the conditions, the responses are beneficial, but the rest of the time the chatbot misses the place of the problem,” he states.

Infrastructure for exploration

The chatbot is 1 of the first AI projects in the area of ETH administration. “We use a range of rule-​based units, but they are not

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NASA Technology Enables Precision Landing Without a Pilot

Some of the most appealing destinations to research in our solar procedure are identified in the most inhospitable environments – but landing on any planetary entire body is previously a risky proposition.

With NASA setting up robotic and crewed missions to new destinations on the Moon and Mars, keeping away from landing on the steep slope of a crater or in a boulder discipline is vital to aiding guarantee a risk-free contact down for surface exploration of other worlds. In get to enhance landing protection, NASA is producing and tests a suite of specific landing and hazard-avoidance technologies.

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Helping robots avoid collisions | Technology Org

Realtime Robotics has established a controller that assists robots securely shift all-around on the fly.

George Konidaris even now remembers his disheartening introduction to robotics.

“When you’re a younger student and you want to program a robot, the to start with factor that hits you is this immense disappointment at how much you just can’t do with that robot,” he says.

Most new roboticists want to program their robots to address attention-grabbing, elaborate duties — but it turns out that just going them as a result of room with out colliding with objects is additional complicated than it appears.


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Startup develops technology that streamlines process of detecting fevers

Maria J. Danford

Buffalo Automation, a startup firm with roots at the College at Buffalo, is placing a new study course that could finally assistance corporations about the environment better navigate return-to-perform strategies amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The primary emphasis of the firm, which was established in 2015 by CEO Thiru Vikram and two fellow UB engineering undergraduates, has been to produce and employ AutoMate, an artificial intelligence (AI) procedure that enables ships and boats to in essence travel by themselves. It makes use of thermal imaging to detect and steer about other vessels, buoys, swimmers, the shoreline and other non-h2o bodies in

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