Govt dumps billion-dollar visa platform outsourcing – Strategy – Software

Maria J. Danford

The federal authorities has ditched its controversial billion-greenback prepare to outsource Australia’s visa processing system following adopting a new plan that will see it create a reusable business-scale workflow processing functionality.

Performing immigration minister Alan Tudge discovered the choice and the “new plan approach to the acquisition and shipping of workflow processing capability” amid the swift escalating coronavirus pandemic late on Friday.

It will come additional than two many years following the Office of Residence Affairs very first went on the lookout for an exterior provider to style, establish and operated a ‘global digital platform’ that would substitute the country’s

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myGovID facial recognition trials slated for mid-2020 – Strategy – Security

Maria J. Danford

The Digital Transformation Agency is hoping to begin publicly testing the facial recognition component of the government’s digital identity credentialing app by mid-2020.

Chief digital officer Peter Alexander revealed the time frame in senate estimates on Thursday, but stressed the DTA wanted to get the all-important biometric feature right before introducing it.

“We would like the biometric to be in by mid-year, but we wouldn’t pressure that,” he said.

“This is about getting it right because the biometric is so important that we do need to make sure that this is successful.”

The biometric refers to the facial recognition component

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Govt clears the way for US CLOUD Act data swap deal – Strategy – Security

Maria J. Danford

The federal government has introduced laws to underpin a upcoming bilateral settlement with the United States below its Clarifying Lawful Abroad Use of Details Act (the CLOUD Act).

The Telecommunications Laws Modification (Global Production Orders) Monthly bill was introduced by Minister for Inhabitants, Metropolitan areas and Urban Infrastructure Alan Tudge on Thursday.

The bill will set up a new framework below the Telecommunications (Interception and Entry) Act to make it possible for for “reciprocal cross-border access to communications data” for law enforcement uses.

It will make it possible for law enforcement and nationwide stability companies to access information immediately from

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Home Affairs plots IBM mainframe overhaul – Strategy – Cloud – Hardware – Software – Storage

Maria J. Danford

The mainframe atmosphere underpinning Australia’s huge estate of mission-vital immigration and cargo units is established for a when in a technology overhaul.

The Office of Home Affairs has uncovered ideas for a “mainframe workload modernisation and optimisation” challenge to tackle places of growing risks and travel down operational charges.

The challenge, uncovered on Friday, will contemplate the “future operation” of the department’s “IBM mainframe infrastructure” and how its “critical computing workloads” could be remodeled.

The mainframe at this time hosts a range of “mission-critical” traveller, cargo and trade units, which run 24 hours a day and hence “require pretty high

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Victorian Electoral Commission overhauls cyber following “damning” audit – Strategy – Projects – Security

Maria J. Danford

In January 2018 the Victorian Electoral Commission received a “damning” audit of its cyber protection operations that highlighted 19 locations of problem and found zero maturity versus the Australian Indicators Directorate’s Critical 8.

Owing to the sizing and complexity of the function that needed to be performed in such a sensitive region, the VEC decided to lover with Microsoft to tackle some of the far more urgent challenges.

The ensuing cyber protection platform was designed with the acceptance that meeting the Critical 8 wouldn’t be achievable in the small phrase, instead, it serves as the foundation for continued enhancement with

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