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In today’s digital world, web hosting plans have gained a lot of popularity. This has also led to the rise of hosting reseller plans where an individual or organization sells web hosting services. But what makes the best reseller hosting plan? 

cPanel is one feature that plays an important role in providing users with an efficient and user-friendly platform. Continue reading to learn in detail about features that make the best cPanel reseller hosting plan.

What is cPanel Reseller Hosting?

With cPanel reseller hosting users can activate web hosting accounts with predetermined resources. These resources include bandwidth, email accounts, disk space, databases, domains, and more. With cPanel reseller hosting, the reseller first rents a space on a server and then sells it to third-party clients.  All of these third-party clients also have cPanel, which the reseller can customize. This type of hosting service is best suited for web designers, agencies, and developers.

Features of cPanel Reseller Hosting:

Below are some powerful features of cPanel Reseller Hosting-

  • SSL Certificates:

An SSL certificate is an important aspect that safeguards the user’s billing details and other data. SSL offers the advantage of encrypting data between the server and the visitor. This ensures that other unauthorized users can not access this data. Additionally, having SSL certificates boosts SEO. Moreover, cPanel also offers other security features, such as firewalls, and malware detection to safeguard client websites

  • Solid-State Drive Powered Servers:

SSD drives are much faster than HDD (Hard Disk Drives), which can benefit resellers. All clients want to accommodate maximum users without compromising performance is the goal of all clients. An SSD server ensures that you get maximum usage without sacrificing performance. With cPanel reseller hosting, resellers can customize cPanel with their branding. 

  • Billing Process:

When you are selling web hosting services it is essential to have tools to charge and manage payments from customers. Having a billing system provides your users with a control panel that manages account functionality and provides easier communications. These functions and communication may include different aspects like- renewing services, purchasing new add-ons, resetting passwords, etc. Therefore, an integrated billing process offered by cPanel reseller hosting is beneficial.

  • Technical Support:

Providing timely and effective technical support is very important. This can be a unique selling point for a reseller hosting business. Additionally providing the best technical support will help you gain an edge over your competitors. 

To ensure good technical support make sure your employees have the highest level of technical knowledge. You can also ensure this by having multiple training sessions with employees before adding them to the support team.

  • Backup Features:

cPanel provides an automatic backup function that ensures regular backups of reseller hosting accounts. This can be very beneficial for securing data and recovering it in case of any accidental loss of data. 

Losing valuable data can be detrimental to your reseller hosting account. Therefore having this cPanel feature can ensure maximum data security.


Several other features of cPanel reseller hosting like a content delivery network to boost access speed from visitors,migration assistance, and more. Additionally, many affordable and cheap cPanel reseller hosting plans are available to suit your needs.

Therefore, consider opting for a cPanel feature to enhance your reseller hosting business. 

Maria J. Danford

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