Children’s Immune Systems Differ From Adults. Here’s What That Could Mean for COVID-19

When it will come to infectious health conditions, our bodies can only defend on their own if they’re in a position to discriminate among the “self” and the “nonself”. And we’re not chatting about philosophy right here — in immunology, the terms are utilized to differentiate our individual cells as opposed to international supplies. That indicates to attack a virus like COVID-19, our immune method has to first recognize that the international invader is not a single of our individual cells.

But a baby escalating within a mother’s womb is also technically a international system, due to the fact it

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What’s In a Shot? Vaccine Types, Explained

Maria J. Danford

The COVID-19 pandemic might have plunged you into a globe of science — particularly vaccine improvement — that you didn’t know a lot about ahead of. Probably you have realized that vaccines usually just take decades to create. Or maybe you sometimes obtain you questioning about the lives of the tens of millions of chickens whose eggs we depend on to make flu vaccines.

And if you have observed you questioning how the approximately 200 SARS-CoV-two vaccines in improvement are meant to operate, you have appear to the right area. When it will come to developing these preventative treatment

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Why Electric Cars Are Getting Louder

Maria J. Danford

This tale appeared in the September/October 2020 of Discover magazine as “Sound Off.” We hope you’ll subscribe to Discover and help guidance science journalism at a time when it’s essential the most. 

6 many years in the past, 3 Volvo engineers sat on a forest floor in western Sweden, finding twigs off the ground and snapping them in half. 

“We were being in the woods for two times sampling appears,” remembers Fredrik Hagman, a sound designer at the company. A few hundred sticks afterwards, they returned to the automaker’s headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.

There, they tweaked the sound and pitch

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CIOs challenged to make healthcare delivery faster, cheaper

Maria J. Danford

For health care CIOs, the title of the health care supply recreation is effectiveness.  

Marc Probst, previous Intermountain Health care CIO who now serves as CIO at health care connectivity software package seller Ellkay LLC in Elmwood Park, N.J., explained the COVID-19 pandemic has extra strain to minimize health care supply charges and manufactured a sturdy circumstance as to why CIOs ought to be intensely included in that effort and hard work.

In this Q&A, Probst reviewed how the pandemic has reprioritized the health care CIO’s agenda to search at innovative systems, assess older IT units and, previously mentioned all,

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Maria J. Danford

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