Vitamix FoodCycler turns eggshells, banana peels and food scraps into compost fast

Summer season may be winding down, but my drop backyard garden is just getting begun, so I was keen to consider out the Vitamix FoodCycler FC-fifty. The FoodCycler is a kitchen equipment that turns food scraps into compost. Compost provides nutrients to soil and will help feed your backyard garden bouquets, fruits and greens, as perfectly as other vegetation in your lawn. 


  • It really is uncomplicated to use
  • It really is fast

Really don’t Like

  • It really is pricey
    -It really is a small noisy

At $four hundred, it truly is unquestionably pricey, but it truly is also successful, uncomplicated to use and avoids the pest considerations linked with standard outside compost bins. It really is also a great option for people living in residences. Its tiny 50 %-gallon potential isn’t really perfect for any one with a good deal of food squander on a each day basis — and It does make noise as it performs, but it isn’t really significantly louder than a typical dishwasher.

The Vitamix FoodCycler FC-fifty is a stable alternative for any one with tiny-scale backyard garden and landscaping demands who desires to repurpose food usually certain for the landfill. 

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The FoodCycler weighs 27 pounds and actions 14.3 inches tall by eleven inches large with a depth of 12.six inches. It can go on a countertop, but it takes up too significantly area in my tiny kitchen.

Megan Wollerton/CNET

Producing compost with the Vitamix FoodCycler FC-fifty

The FoodCycler has a black and grey finish and a basic interface — a single electric power button to start out a cycle and 4 status lights to convey to you when it truly is drying, grinding or cooling your compost and when you need to have to adjust the two carbon filters. A single substitution pack of two filters charges $twenty five. 

The major lid locks into place to start out a cycle, but the locking mechanism and its created-in take care of also make it a lot easier to go the FoodCycler as desired. Inside you will find a detachable bin with a metallic take care of and a fill line to allow you know when it truly is complete. Vitamix says you should not overfill the bin or press the current food scraps down to make space for additional. 


The bin holds a 50 %-gallon of food scraps.

Megan Wollerton/CNET

I stored the bin on my countertop whilst I prepped food, so I could very easily discard espresso grounds, sweet potato peels, eggshells and a lot of other scraps all over the day. The FoodCycler is in a position to process fruit and vegetable scraps, but prevent hard pits from peaches, avocados and other fruits. It also are not able to take care of pineapple leaves. Citrus rinds and fruits with a good deal of sugar like bananas and grapes really should only be added from time to time. 

The FoodCycle can also take care of chicken and fish bones, meat scraps, cereal, cheese, eggs and eggshells, espresso grounds, espresso filters, tea bags, legumes, beans, seeds and pet food. Add starchy food items like bread and rice sparingly, as perfectly as sauces, dressings and soups, nut butter and jelly or jam. Really don’t place candy, gum, cooking oil, beef and pork bones in the FoodCycler. 

It commonly took my spouse and I about two times to fill the FoodCycler one if we were accomplishing a good deal of cooking. The good thing is, Vitamix provides a next lid especially to cut down any odors coming from the bin right before you start out a cycle. 


This lid will get rid of smells.

Megan Wollerton/CNET

Once your scraps attain the fill line, it truly is time to return it to the FoodCycler. Use the arrows on the bin and on the within of the FoodCycler to posture the bin the right way right before starting up a cycle — attach the locking lid, plug it in and press the electric power button. 

Vitamix says most cycles really should get concerning four and 8 several hours, but all 3 of the cycles I tried using took four to five several hours complete, various based mostly on what was in the bin and how significantly I crammed it. I you should not eat significantly meat, so I didn’t have any bones or meat scraps to incorporate, but all 3 checks had distinct combos of fruits and vegetable scraps, peels, eggshells and espresso grounds. 

The FoodCycler was loud sufficient to be distracting at specific factors, generally for the duration of the “grinding” stage of the process, so I might advise running it overnight or transferring it somewhere out of the way to run a cycle. Right after it moves through the drying, grinding and cooling phases, the lights change off and your compost is prepared. 

A complete 50 %-gallon bin of scraps yields about a cup of compost — a small considerably less than I predicted, but lots for a tiny backyard garden if you run the FoodCycler on a regular basis. And if you finish up with extra compost, you can always retailer it to use in long run seasons or give it to a mate who won’t have their own compost bin. 

Keep in brain that distinct vegetation need to have distinct nutrients. Vitamix says adding a wide variety of distinct food items is the very best detail for the FoodCycler, but that’s also correct for your soil. That said, my blueberry vegetation need to have additional acidic soil than my eggplants, so I will variable that in when I get started applying this compost in our backyard garden. 



Kevin Henehan

The verdict

At just about four hundred bucks, the Vitamix FoodCycler FC-fifty is pricey and it will make noise as it performs. It also has a fairly tiny potential that will not likely make perception for people with huge gardens — or for any one who makes a good deal of food squander each day. 

That said, the FoodCycler is a good way to reuse food scraps that would usually go straight in your garbage bin. It really is basic to use, performs fast and avoids pests that may possibly be curious about an outside compost bin. It really is also a stable option for condominium-dwellers who are not able to have a standard compost bin. 

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