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LG's new speaker technology and fabric.
LG Display

LG Display, the innovation lab of LG Electronics that’s created things like stretchable displays, just announced a new invisible speaker technology for automobiles. LG can integrate its all-new superthin speaker technology into the headrest, dash, or almost any other car surface.

In development with a “global audio company” that LG opted not to mention, this unique new car interior speaker tech could be ready for consumer vehicles as early as next year. It’s essentially a flat notepad-sized vibrating panel that creates sound. And while we’ve seen all sorts of weird materials double as a speaker, this one makes the most sense.

The idea here is that LG Display could use this speaker material to cover seats, a headrest, or even the dash of a vehicle without compromising sound quality. Imagine the entire headliner and roof covered in a giant speaker. Wouldn’t that be amazing? This could change car audio moving forward.

Apparently, this “Thin Actuator Sound Solution” is 70% lighter and very thin, meaning it can go almost anywhere inside a vehicle. When you compare that to a traditional speaker’s big magnets, cones, and voice coils, it’s easy to see why this sounds so promising.

Furthermore, cutting down on excess weight is something every auto manufacturer can appreciate. And for electric vehicles, manufacturers could further soundproof the door panels to cut out road noise, then integrate these speakers into the door trim. Plus, it doesn’t need a speaker grill, allowing for more creative interior designs.

LG Display believes this new technology will enable a rich, loud, clear, 3D immersive sound experience in vehicles unlike ever before. And considering the sound can vibrate off various panels and materials, every surface is fair game.

We’ll get to see and hear the speakers themselves at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, then LG hopes to have the technology in vehicles by the middle of next year.

via The Verge

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