As Apple does with everything else, finally they have opened up the door of lock screen customization. With the addition of widgets and home screen changes it was pretty evident that its lock screen customization is coming. From font color and styling to tiny widgets and extended wallpaper support the […]

The end of Moore’s Law is looming. Engineers and designers can do only so much to miniaturize transistors and pack as many of them as possible into chips. So they’re turning to other approaches to chip design, incorporating technologies like AI into the process. Samsung, for instance, is adding AI […]

This article appeared in the January/February 2022 difficulty of Find out magazine as “Lightning Strikes in the Arctic.” Turn out to be a subscriber for unrestricted accessibility to our archive. In the frozen Arctic, lightning has very long been shockingly uncommon. Ordinarily, it’s a heat climate phenomenon — a steamy summertime is the perfect […]