Which internet provider should you try if you get a house in Germany?

The best internet providers in Germany in 2021

Finding out who is the cheapest and best internet provider in Germany can be difficult. This is because it is not easy to compare suppliers by price due to welcome discounts, single fees, different monthly payments for different periods, etc.

After coming to Germany, many of you are probably wondering which internet provider to choose and how to get network access at a reasonable price. There are many internet providers on the German market (including O2, Vodafone, 1 and 1), and looking for the right connection for you, you can quickly lose the number. 

Competitive ISPs compete for customers by offering “attractive” packages and rates that are difficult for lay people to judge. In such a situation, finding the best internet connection is not easy.

What is the cheapest and best broadband internet provider in Germany?

Internet providers in Germany have made great efforts to hide the real price paid by the consumer. For this purpose, they used tactics such as:

  • Offering low short-term rates in the initial contract period
  • Prices that deviate from (usually higher) in the last months of the contract
  • Applying welcome discounts
  • Collection of various installation fees
  • Some internet service providers charge a monthly modem rental fee

As a result, people become confused by not being able to compare different offers in terms of price. We must mention that the telekom industry in Germany is very well developed.

For what purposes will you need the internet?

Answering this question will allow you to choose the right internet speed for you. For example, you can browse the web and answer your email. If you use the Internet for such purposes, then 16 Mbit / s is enough for you.

If you often download larger files from the Internet, regularly use streaming channels such as YouTube or Netflix, you need to consider a faster connection of at least 25 Mbit / s.

They compare the speed of the internet, you have to keep in mind that the lower the speed, the less fun to use the network, so sometimes it is worth choosing a more expensive tariff, but with a faster connection. Some operators offer data transfer speeds of 200 Mbit / s.

Pay attention to the duration of the contract

You have made your choice and signed a contract with the internet operator of your choice. Before signing it, pay attention to its minimum duration and keep an eye on this date. Why? Because if you do not terminate the contract three months before its conclusion, it will be automatically extended for another 12 months and even if you are not satisfied with the services of the operator, you will still have to pay for his service.

These internet service providers are the most popular in Germany:

  • 1 & 1 Internet – The hosting company belonging to the United Internet concern was founded in 1988 in Montabaur. About 66% of respondents are satisfied with the services provided. Not surprisingly, the German company is one of the largest internet service providers in the world. It covers 19 million domain names and over 13 million customers.
  • Vodafone – an international mobile operator whose management is based in the United Kingdom and Germany was appreciated by 44% of respondents.
  • o2 / Alice – This internet provider can only boast a group of 30% supporters.

As you can see, there are many internet service providers in Germany. They outperform each other in offers and rates for the benefit of customers who can count on truly affordable packages. All you have to do is familiarize yourself with the offers of the providers, compare the rates and enjoy Internet access.

Maria J. Danford

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