What is COBOL? COBOL programming explained

Some systems never ever die—they just fade into the woodwork. 

Talk to the regular software program developer about COBOL (Typical Small business Oriented Language) and they’ll look at you as if you mentioned carbon paper, leaded gasoline, or the seventy eight RPM document. In comparison to modern languages like Go or Python—or even Pascal or C!—COBOL seems wordy, clunky, passé.

But COBOL has endured. Far from an obsolescent technology we’ve happily parted enterprise with, COBOL has develop into an institution. Significant COBOL codebases are nevertheless in use all over the entire world, numerous of them jogging virtually exactly as they had been when initial produced. In Hollywood parlance, the COBOL language has “legs.”

So, sure, COBOL is nevertheless applicable and timely—painfully so, in reality. In modern months COBOL has re-entered the general public consciousness, as states like New Jersey have put out a call for programmers to support go their COBOL apps into the twenty first century.

In this piece we’ll look at COBOL’s origins, how the design of the programming language stands out even right now, and what would make COBOL each so enduring and so intractable.

COBOL record

COBOL arose in the late nineteen fifties and early 1960s. The progress of the language was a job sponsored by the United States Office of Protection (DoD) that incorporated a consortium of pc companies including IBM, Honeywell, Sperry Rand, and Burroughs. The aim was to generate a programming language with the pursuing characteristics:

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Maria J. Danford

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