WANdisco launches automated Hadoop data migrator for AWS

WANdisco wants to let corporations go on to get the job done at comprehensive efficiency even while a migration party is going on in the background.

This week, WANdisco launched LiveData Migrator, a software that moves Hadoop info in a non-disruptive manner. The cloud-based mostly provider automates the entire migration job, moving HDFS info from any resource to any Hadoop-compatible file devices.

WANdisco claims it can be straightforward to use, with no the require for engineers or consultants. The shopper just requirements to put in a tiny, on-premises VM for LiveData Migrator to browse the surroundings. The software also guarantees that any modifications at the info resource are replicated to the goal surroundings throughout the migration, taking away downtime for the length of the job.

LiveData Migrator’s non-disruptive migration capability is driven by WANdisco’s patented consensus algorithm. Stop customers can go on to get the job done on info that is in the center of migration, and the info is immediately out there at the goal surroundings as before long as it lands, right before the entire info set comes. WANdisco’s technological innovation guarantees all modifications midflight are captured and make it to the goal.

Hadoop is an open up resource distributed processing framework for running info for big info purposes employing scalable clusters. It supports workloads this sort of as predictive analytics, info mining and device finding out. By its mother nature, enterprises that use the framework tend to have significant quantities of info in Hadoop clusters.

For corporations that have all that Hadoop info sitting on-premises, this sort of as GoDaddy, migrating it to the cloud can be challenging, claimed WANdisco CEO David Richards. GoDaddy, an world-wide-web domain registrar and world wide web web hosting firm, as nicely as a WANdisco shopper, was caught on-premises because its Hadoop info went by millions of modifications for every next. It could not afford to pay for to take nearly anything offline to perform a migration.

“Relocating the info was not the challenge it can be capturing the new and shifting info. They can’t pause for a thirty day period,” Richards claimed.

Richards claimed GoDaddy was an example of the kind of shopper LiveData Migrator is made for: all those that require to move significant quantities of info from on-premises to cloud with no downtime. He described LiveData Migrator as taking away a roadblock to digital transformation for these customers. Although the most frequent use scenario will be Hadoop-to-cloud, which incorporates AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba, the software supports Hadoop-to-Hadoop and cloud-to-cloud migrations as nicely.

LiveData Migrator is sold on a freemium product, the place the 1st five hundred TB of info moved is totally free. WANdisco doesn’t publicly write-up what the value is after that, but Richards claimed it can be as low as 13 cents for every GB. As for migration pace, Richards claimed it relies upon on variables this sort of as network connection and modifications for every next at the resource cluster.

WANdisco LiveData Migrator is not exclusive in delivering non-disruptive info migration. Komprise and StrongBox StrongLink have the capability constructed into their intelligent info administration platforms, along with other characteristics this sort of as value prediction and archiving.

We are likely to see extra migration, not much less.
Merv AdrianInvestigate vice president, Gartner

LiveData Migrator’s uniqueness rather lies in how it packages Hadoop info migration as a fully hands-off provider, claimed Merv Adrian, analysis vice president of info and analytics at Gartner. For most corporations, moving Hadoop info to the cloud is likely to be a one-time move, so they’re not likely to want to fork out for a membership software to permit it. Relocating info less than active improve is delicate, and all those very same corporations will not want to use their finest IT people on what is in the long run a one-and-completed job. This is LiveData Migrator’s power, Adrian claimed. It handles all the things in the background and doesn’t involve abilities from the shopper.

“It’s as near to a silver bullet as you can locate for this kind of job,” Adrian claimed.

Regardless of the one-and-completed mother nature of the Hadoop info migration use scenario, Adrian claimed WANdisco LiveData Migrator will likely see plenty of use above the next several yrs. CFOs see the depreciating worth of their hardware and notice they can help you save revenue by moving to the cloud. According to his analysis by Gartner, database platform-as-a-provider jumped from seven% to about 33% in the past 4 yrs. Although this growth is slowing down, you can find nonetheless plenty of wave to trip as firms embrace the cloud extra, he claimed.

Even in the experience of COVID-19, which has place some IT initiatives on maintain for numerous corporations, Adrian doesn’t count on info migration to gradual down. In moments of financial uncertainty, firms want to shift from capex to opex. They want predictable expenditures and rapid monetary final results. At the very same time, they want their finest, smartest people performing on revenue-producing initiatives fairly than basically trying to keep the lights on, Adrian claimed.

“We are likely to see extra migration, not much less. In financial moments like these, traditionally, initiatives with rapid payback move to the front of the queue, and migration is one of all those,” Adrian claimed.

Maria J. Danford

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