Top 5 Android Tablet Apps for Entrepreneurs and Businessmen

The rapid rate at which Android-based mobile devices have cornered a large chunk of the smartphone market has thrilled developers around the world. During the last two years, thousands of innovative smartphone and tablet apps for Android have been developed. Recently, Google’s Nexus 7 has created waves in the market, and it is selling like proverbial hot cakes. The success of Android-based tablets has put winds into the sails of Android tablet app development.
There are millions of Android OS tablets in the market, and tablet sales are expected to rise in the next few weeks. Many businesses, looking to make a quick buck, are scrambling to find the right Android tablet applications developer for their project. This bodes well for businessmen who use Android tablets, as they can find lots oppo a5 price of helpful professional Android apps for their devices. However, Android already has several tablet-optimized apps that you can use at your workplace to increase productivity. Let’s take a look at five of the best business apps for Android tablets.
Skype (Free)
This is the first app I installed in my Android tablet. Why? Because I like to make calls for free, I frequently feel the need to transfer files, and I appreciate instant messaging facilities. Not only does this app let you make free Skype-to-Skype calls over 3G and Wi-Fi, but it also provides a super-fast file transfer service. Did I tell you that Skype is free?
PhoneMyPC ($14.99)
This isn’t the kind of app you are likely to use in your office, but it does have a lot to do with your work. If you are not in your office, but need to access a document on your PC, you usually need to call someone in the office and tell them to help you out. Instead, you can simply download this app and access your office PC through your Android tablet! PhoneMyPC is a perfect example of innovative Android tablet applications development. Hats off to the Android tablet applications developer who created the tablet version!
Google Drive (Free)
If you’ve used Google Docs app, and liked it, you’ll love this one. Businessmen who have this app never need to worry about missing important documents. Through Google Drive, you can easily access all your Google Docs and any file that you’ve uploaded to the cloud storage. Not only does this app allow you to use your tablet to upload files to Google Drive, but it also allows you to edit, create and share new documents.
Business Calendar (Free)
Android’s in-built calendar app isn’t too bad, but if you feel the need for a better calendar experience, this free app is worth your while. Once you download it, it will import the details from your Google Calendar account. This app has a lot better UI, and if you need to view and edit information on multiple pages frequently, get this app. It also offers several customizable widgets that make it easy to access and view relevant information fast.
mSecure Password Manager ($10)
Protecting your passwords is important when you are dealing with confidential company information. Considering the fact that you are going to use a number of Android devices and sync your files to different systems, it is best to choose a highly secure password protection service. When in comes to combining Android tablet applications development and secure password protection, no one comes close to mSecure Password Manager.

Maria J. Danford

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