The Ultimate Guide to Car Wash

An Ultimate Guide to Wash and Dry Your Mobile Like a Pro


Car washing is an essential step for maintaining a car. If you’re an owner of a car, you need to wash it regularly. Sometimes, your car requires complete cleaning and washing from top to bottom or each part to drive smoothly.

Car cleaning prevents your car paint and provides a smooth and fresh touch-up.

In the process of cleaning the car, you need various tools and different techniques. With the help of these tools and techniques, the process of car wash vacuum parts is complete. In traditional methods, these tools and techniques are usually not used.

With our handy list of tips, you can manage your wash both from inside and outside and give it a fresh and good look.

Let’s start with outside car cleaning: 

Outside Car Cleaning 

1. Pre Wash

Pre-wash is important to remove loose dirt. It helps to get rid of the risk of dragging debris around the paintwork when you start cleaning a thorough part of the car.

You can use Car Wash Vacuum Hoses for a dry or wet wash. Use spray foam or cleaner to clean the entire car and then rinse off before getting scrubbing. With the help of a hose and trick, you can wash the car without damaging the paintwork.

2. Use Only Car Cleaning products

When washing your car, use only car cleaning products to avoid any damage to your car. Car cleaning products are only designed to clean the car, so it does not harm it.

3. Take More Than One Bucket While Cleaning Car

You should use three buckets for the car wash. One for plain water, one for soapy water and one wheel bucket, so that you will  not put your dirty hand or sponge in clean water. And you can also put them separately and use them as per need.

4. Wash The Entire Car From Top To Bottom

While washing a car, use cleaning from top to bottom. If you clean only the top, the top dirt and debris drip and make your car dirty.

5. Clean the Underside Of The Car

When you wash your car, don’t forget to clean the underside. You don’t clean thoroughly, but you can use a hose to clean the loosened dirt off the roadside or pre-wash.

Inside Car Cleaning

1. Take Out The Floor Mats From The Car

Floor mats collect dirt and dust, loose strands of hair or some food particles if you eat something in your car. This is the best way to remove inside dirt and give an inside cleaning to take them out and then vacuum properly. You can also use a brush to get rid of the chunk of dust.

2. Clean The Car Dust 

Clean the loose particles of dust inside the car, like interior windows, doors, dashboards, seats and old rugs. Dust can cause allergies and harm your health too. So, removing inside car dust is crucial for your health as well as your car’s longevity.

3. Use The Vacuum Cleaner’s Nozzle Collection

If you use Vacuum Cleaner’s Nozzle, you can get into those hard-to-reach areas, such as down the sides of the seat and clean them through its narrow nozzle attachment.

Clean The Car Window With Some Window Cleaner

Read the label of the window cleaner product before starting whether it is suitable for car windows or not, then spray generously on the interior windows and use a piece of newspaper to clean them nicely.


These tips help you to give a thorough car wash and protect your car from damage and a dull look.

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