Mechanical engineer provides viewpoint on the maturation of the industry of comfortable robotics The industry of comfortable robotics has exploded in the previous decade, as ever much more scientists search for to make actual the potential of these pliant, versatile automata in a range of realms, such as look for […]

Tender materials, this sort of as rubber or polymers that can endure drastic adjustments to their form, are promising for apps exactly where versatility and shapeshifting skills are paramount. For case in point, these materials can be applied to create smooth robots suited for specialised jobs, ranging from professional medical […]

It’s balloon art on steroids: a pneumatic, condition-shifting soft robot able of navigating its environment without having demanding a tether to a stationary electricity resource. Made by scientists in UC Santa Barbara mechanical engineering professor Elliot Hawkes’ group, it is also a big step in the work to convey soft robots […]