Image2Lego: Customized LEGO Set Generation from Images

LEGO® bricks are a well-known form of entertainment that allows to build anything at all one particular can think about from easy developing blocks.

However, in get to simplify the construction of far more complicated visuals, new brick products would be useful. Hence, a latest research on proposes a strategy for making LEGO®-variety brick 3D products directly from 2d visuals.

Graphic credit score: dirkb86 via Flickr, CC BY two.

The product converts a 2d impression to a latent illustration and decodes it to a 3D voxel product. Then, a novel algorithm transforms the voxelized product into 3D bricks. The identical method can be prolonged to other inventive apps. For instance, existing products are capable to crank out 2d mosaics from a facial picture.

A 3D confront can be created from a one 2d impression using the proposed method. Also, a device that directly converts an imagined drawing into a LEGO® product is proposed. The research improves the accessibility of personalised LEGO creations.

While LEGO sets have entertained generations of kids and grown ups, the challenge of creating customized builds matching the complexity of authentic-environment or imagined scenes stays as well excellent for the normal enthusiast. In get to make this feat feasible, we implement a system that generates a LEGO brick product from 2d visuals. We layout a novel solution to this trouble that employs an octree-structured autoencoder experienced on 3D voxelized products to receive a feasible latent illustration for product reconstruction, and a independent community experienced to forecast this latent illustration from 2d visuals. LEGO products are received by algorithmic conversion of the 3D voxelized product to bricks. We display to start with-of-its-form conversion of pictures to 3D LEGO products. An octree architecture enables the flexibility to deliver multiple resolutions to greatest match a user’s inventive eyesight or layout requires. In get to display the broad applicability of our system, we crank out step-by-step developing guidance and animations for LEGO products of objects and human faces. Last but not least, we test these immediately created LEGO sets by setting up physical builds using authentic LEGO bricks.

Investigation paper: Lennon, K., “Image2Lego: Custom made LEGO Established Generation from Images”, 2021. Link:

Maria J. Danford

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