Car on a Trampoline: More Kicks With Kinetic Energy

Maria J. Danford

Certainly, the change in the y position is negative, given that the item is going down. All which is left is the time. I seemed at the component of the video with the dropped watermelons. Some of the photographs are in gradual motion, but some surface to be in typical time. I can get the fall time from people photographs.

You could check out to use the time stamp on YouTube to do this, but it’s not thorough more than enough. I like to use the Tracker video evaluation tool—it’s my go-to for this variety of detail (and it’s free). From that, I get a fall time of two.749 seconds. Plugging that into the equation above, I get a fall peak of 37. meters (121.5 feet). Growth, which is a single concern solved.

two. What is the impact velocity?

If you fall an item from rest (i.e., zero initial velocity), how fast will it be traveling appropriate prior to it hits the trampoline? Oh, you believed I was going to answer this concern also? Nope. Actually, this one’s not also difficult. You can use the time and the definition of acceleration to find this answer. You can do it. I imagine in you.

three. What’s the efficient spring frequent?

Let us walk by way of this entire motion. The auto drops. Although falling, the gravitational force pulls on it, leading to it to velocity up, much more and much more, till it contacts the trampoline. At this stage, the springs on the trampoline extend and generate an upward pushing force on the auto. The farther the springs extend, the larger the upward pushing force.

Bear in mind that in purchase for an item to gradual down, there requirements to be a internet force pushing in the opposite direction as the motion. When the auto very first hits the trampoline, the backwards pushing force is Significantly less than gravity, so the internet force is continue to downward, and the auto keeps dashing up. This is a little something that students are inclined not to have a fantastic instinct for. Bear in mind, it’s the internet force that determines acceleration.

It is not right until the spring force results in being larger than the downward pushing gravity force that the auto commences slowing down. Of program, it’s continue to going down, so the springs extend even much more, and this raises the spring force. Finally the auto stops falling and commences going back up.

Now, how can we quantify that? A single way to product the force from a spring is with Hooke’s regulation. This says that the spring force (Fs) is proportional to the length (s) that the spring stretches or compresses. This proportionality frequent is referred to as the spring frequent, k. You can believe of k as the stiffness of the spring.

Illustration: Rhett Allain
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