Airthings View Plus, hands on: Smart but pricey air quality monitoring


  • Numerous sensors
  • Wi-fi sync
  • Very long battery life

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  • Highly-priced
  • ePaper screen flashes on updating

Supplied the amount of money of time persons are spending within and concerns about air pollution drifting in by way of the window, an air high-quality monitor is a reassuring addition to the workplace. The newest Airthings monitor, View In addition, has additional sensors, additionally an ePaper screen to give you an quick view without having you obtaining to pull out your cellphone. It also utilizes wi-fi to sync data when your cellphone isn’t really close to, offering you the selection to use it for automation.  

This more operation provides up while: at $299/£249, this is a little something of an financial investment — in particular as some sensors have a limited lifespan. 


The Airthings Perspective In addition has a extensive established of air high-quality sensors.

Picture: Mary Branscombe / ZDNet

Fitting in sensors for carbon dioxide (CO2), unstable organic and natural compounds (VOCs), particulate subject (PM1 and PM2.five), temperature, humidity and air stress tends to make the Perspective In addition pretty a bit even larger than the Wave In addition, and about a few instances the dimensions of the dinky Wave Mini. It also takes 6 (non-rechargeable) AA batteries to electricity it, or you can plug it in to a USB-C charger. Following ten weeks of use, the battery was down to seventy six%, which is in line with the promised two yrs of battery life. 

The ePaper display on the front indicates that, although you are going to continue to want the smartphone application or net dashboard to look at data in detail, you can also see rapidly if the two metrics you care most about are excellent or lousy. You can decide which two to see all the time, and waving your hand in front of the unit triggers it to convert on an LED to give you an total red, yellow or eco-friendly score and flash by way of all the measurements in sequence. 

The excellent news about the ePaper display is that it is really effortless on battery life and is legible from many angles. But it is really also the form of ePaper that demonstrates previous readings very faintly when you might be near sufficient to wave your hand at the unit — the display seems wonderful and crystal clear when you might be even further absent. You might also find the not-pretty-instantaneous flash to black and again as it updates each and every couple minutes distracting if it is really in your eyeline. 

The Perspective In addition syncs about wi-fi instead than Bluetooth, despite the fact that you continue to require to use a smartphone to established up the unit and get it on to wi-fi in the initial put (set up is the same basic process as with previous versions). That indicates it can sync data when your cellphone isn’t really close by with the application working, so you can keep an eye on workplace temperatures right away to see the heating hasn’t been still left on, or test in on air high-quality ahead of you get property, or just not have to don’t forget to convert on the application when you might be in vary.  

The Perspective In addition can also act as a hub for other Airthings displays to sync by way of instead than applying Bluetooth (we found out through this evaluate than our Wave Mini hadn’t synced data in a couple of months), despite the fact that you have to electricity it about USB-C for this to work.  


The measurements for the days promptly ahead of and after finding a new air high-quality filter (with a VOC spike when it was initial unpacked).

Picture: Mary Branscombe / ZDNet  

Being familiar with your air quality 

The Perspective In addition is a single of the most extensive purchaser air high-quality displays on the current market. Lots of of the sensors are the same as in the Wave In addition, despite the fact that it isn’t going to have the mould sensor of the Wave Mini because humidity so superior as to require a mould monitor will degrade some of the other sensors much too rapidly. The carbon dioxide evaluate will be helpful if you want to monitor air flow degrees, although the new PM2.five sensor demonstrates you what most persons imagine of when they say ‘air pollution’: the very small minimal particles that can trigger very long-time period overall health concerns. 

The cellphone application offers you a sure amount of historical data, and for additional you can dig into the charts on the Airthings dashboard in a net browser. 


Searching at the carbon dioxide degrees about the class of two days, you can see when additional persons enter the home.

Picture: Mary Branscombe / ZDNet   

What you can do about the measurements relies upon on your predicament and the trigger of the issue, but at least with this form of data you can get a superior photograph of your air predicament. Possessing bought a powerful air filter (a Blueair model that claims to get rid of particles as compact as viruses) midway by way of testing the Perspective In addition, we could see that PM degrees had been usually decrease after it was mounted in the workplace. Also, turning the air filter up would typically drop the PM amount rapidly. But on days when exterior air pollution was superior or the air filter was working on automated, the PM amount would stay larger in the workplace. 

Opening the window in the workplace evidently tends to make a distinction to CO2 degrees and VOCs (unstable organic and natural compounds from a variety of sources which includes plastic packaging). We noticed a spike in VOCs the day we hung up a string of battery-driven lights coated in minimal plastic unicorns and, ironically, the day we unpacked the air filter device.  

Routinely obtaining the home windows open up in the spring experienced shown decrease CO2 and VOC degrees (measured with the Wave In addition, which offers dependable readings to the Perspective In addition) than these we measured in the (relatively chilly) late summer time and early autumn. CO2 degrees also evidently keep track of workplace occupancy (from no-a single right away to two persons and two cats through doing the job several hours). We could also look at air high-quality indicators for the days the ink-jet printer was working and affirm that it isn’t going to correlate to an increase in VOCs or particulate subject.  

Simply because the wi-fi connection indicates it is really a additional persistently accessible data supply, the Perspective In addition also will get an API and an IFTTT connection. The API is finding picked up by ecosystems like HomeAssistant and Homebridge, so you can hook up up numerous gadgets, maybe automating a humidifier, dehumidifier, enthusiast or air filter when readings strike a sure amount. 


Picture: Airthings

As with the other Airthings displays, how beneficial you find the Perspective In addition relies upon on what concerns you have with your air high-quality and what you might be equipped to do about them. If it is really much too chilly to open up a window (in particular with vitality prices likely up the way they are in the Uk), understanding that the CO2 amount is larger than advisable degrees may be a fear you are not able to do significantly about. But if you are equipped to make changes, this is a extensive, if pricey, selection for monitoring down data to help you comprehend your air high-quality and see regardless of whether these changes make improvements to it. 

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