Technology and the Pandemic: Complete Coverage for IT Leaders

Maria J. Danford

Check below frequently for InformationWeek’s updates on the coronavirus pandemic and relevant concerns like organization continuity, distant functioning, IT operational challenges and other technological know-how considerations.
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June 2020

Tech Giants Back Off Advertising Facial Recognition AI to Police

Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft have all taken techniques to cease building their facial recognition AI computer software obtainable to the police. Now it’s time for lawmakers to set some policies.

Ought to IT Pros Retrain for a New Regular?

Tech personnel coping with changing roles or a work loss thanks to the pandemic may possibly have to realign

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Impede the Motion of Data and You Impede Innovation

Maria J. Danford

Why that is, and what to do about it.

Data drives innovation. At scale, innovation does not happen in isolation. With no finely tuned, well orchestrated data flows, innovation stalls.

A stubborn misconception about data casts it as mainly static. Photo streams of data arriving at data lakes only to lethargically drift to relaxation at the bottom — inactive and motionless. Consider the quite phrase datalake: it implies a kind of placidity. In specific, when businesses treat data lakes as data dump internet sites, they turn out to be what’s been dubbed as data swamps.

Image: Pixabay

Picture: Pixabay

Of training course,

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The Future of Work: Best Managed with Agility, Diversity, Resilience

Maria J. Danford

The pandemic has had an uneven affect on corporations and industries. Nonetheless, the prevalent thread has been immediate and sometimes remarkable alter.

If 2020 has tested something it is that alter is the only continual. At the extremely beginning of the yr, providers have been executing their digital transformation procedures as they had been carrying out before. Then, the lockdowns went into effect, upending small business procedures just about everywhere. Now, providers functioning in a number of places are faced with a blended bag of continue to be at property mandates and the expiration of those people mandates.

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Impression: Dilok

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The Ancient History of Board Games

Maria J. Danford

It’s a polarizing issue.

When it will come to board online games, folks possibly venture enthusiasm or antipathy. Some of us host match nights. Other folks fake disease to stay clear of these gatherings.

Anywhere you stand, the simple fact remains: Board online games have been well known pastimes in diverse cultures since the dawn of civilization. Archaeologists operating around the globe have uncovered remnants of these online games, which includes boards, tokens and dice manufactured from animal bones.

The finds reveal the good antiquity and cross-cultural ubiquity of board online games. But scientists however have considerably to study about

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What Happens When Hearts Attack

Maria J. Danford

This tale appeared in the July/August 2020 difficulty as “When Hearts Assault.” Subscribe to Discover journal for additional tales like this.

“911, what is your crisis?” The contact from dispatch alerts Cleveland EMS to a 57-12 months-previous person with chest agony. The firefighters drop what they are undertaking, while paramedic Kayla DeVor and her lover board the ambulance. The whole group is out of the station in less than a moment. Anything is in area for any crisis they may possibly experience, and they arrive on the scene in underneath nine minutes.

The paramedics are by now operating as they

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