Watch these Star Trek shows and movies with your kids for home education

Maria J. Danford

This is how to use that further COVID-19 screen time for homeschooling and values education and learning, making use of Star Trek as the illustration.


What can Captain Picard instruct your young children? A large amount, really.

Graphic: CBS

Substantial science fiction reveals a planet that is distinct. It’s possible this way, perhaps that way, but distinct. Superior. It fills you with ponder, with hope, with the expectation that items will strengthen. In the situation of Star Trek, that you can be a aspect of generating that change for the better—that there is something in humanity that can make

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Tips for discussing difficult topics with your employees

Maria J. Danford

Do the job and personalized life current in isolation is no for a longer time the reality. Below is information for leaders on how to converse with their staff members about tough topics.

Close up of pensive black woman thinking having life troubles

Impression: fizkes, Getty Pictures/iStockphoto

It appears to be that the quaint times of functioning fortunately in a physical business, with the most demanding non-perform conversations currently being debates close to the merits of the most up-to-date model of The Office, or the antics of the area sports activities groups. Now, just as leaders are looking at glimmers of light at the finish of the COVID-19 crisis, the

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