What’s new in Microsoft .NET 6

Microsoft has published the third preview of .Net 6, the upcoming era of the company’s software program progress platform that will end the areas of the .Net unification begun in .Net five.

Owing as a manufacturing launch in November, .Net 6 is set to provide enhancements for cloud, desktop, and cellular applications. Preview two was published March eleven, next the original preview that arrived February 17. Month to month previews are prepared concerning now and the manufacturing launch, which will be supported for 3 yrs. Every preview will provide on .Net 6 themes, epics, and person stories for establishing server/cloud, desktop, IoT, and cellular applications.

Microsoft .Net 6 will combine capabilities for Android, iOS, and MacOS that now reside in the Xamarin open up source cellular .Net platform. Microsoft also is extending the Blazor consumer website app progress software, so builders can construct a hybrid consumer app that brings together website and indigenous UIs for desktop and cellular use. Blazor WebAssembly was the to start with unified platform deliverable in .Net five. Posted in November 2020, .Net five marked the beginning of unification and laid the groundwork for Xamarin builders to use the unified .Net platform when .Net 6. arrived.

The .Net unification makes one particular .Net from the independent .Net Main, .Net Framework, and Xamarin/Mono technologies. Pieces of .Net Framework already experienced moved to .Net Main .Net five started the journey of combining .Net Main and Mono/Xamarin on a base class library and toolchain.

Preview 3 is downloadable from dotnet.microsoft.com. In announcing Preview 3 on April eight, Microsoft mentioned the next additions and enhancements:

  • A new unsafe API, CollectionsMarshal.GetValueRef, would make updating struct values in dictionaries quicker. This API is intended for higher-general performance scenarios.
  • Interface casting general performance has been enhanced by 16 % to 38 %, which is significantly beneficial for C# pattern matching to and concerning interfaces.
  • Code era has been enhanced in RyuJIT via various changes, to make the system far more efficient or resulting code operate quicker.
  • Early support for .Net Incredibly hot Reload now is out there for ASP.Net Main and Blazor tasks utilizing dotnet enjoy. Incredibly hot Reload applies code changes to a functioning app with out restarting it and with out shedding app condition. Code changes that are unable to be used to the functioning app can be used by rebuilding and restarting the app. This is the to start with move in a far more thorough prepare to deliver this technologies to all .Net builders, supporting desktop progress (WPF, WinUI, WinForms), cross-platform consumer scenarios in .Net MAUI (Multi-platform Application UI), and far more. Incredibly hot Reload will be supported with additional platforms in foreseeable future previews of .Net 6.

Preview two highlighted API and library enhancements, runtime general performance boosts, and early builds of .Net MAUI (Multi-platform Application UI), which is a modern-day UI toolkit that builds on Xamarin. Microsoft’s bulletin on Preview two also emphasized themes for the platform these as strengthening “inner loop” general performance, i.e., optimizing the tools and workflows utilised commonly and frequently by builders to update, construct, and take a look at their code. Incredibly hot reloads, for example, will increase developer productivity by enabling code to be edited when an app is functioning, even with out a debugger attached. Runtime startup general performance, application products, the dotnet CLI, and MSBuild are also obtaining interest as element of the interior loops topic.

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