In the 2002 science fiction blockbuster film Minority Report, Tom Cruise’s character John Anderton uses his palms, sheathed in special gloves, to interface with his wall-sized transparent computer system display. The computer system recognizes his gestures to enlarge, zoom in, and swipe absent. Despite the fact that this futuristic vision […]

The social networking giant formerly acknowledged as Fb (that past 7 days rebranded itself as “Meta”) announced that it will shut down the face recognition procedure on its flagship social community. This is the AI-driven system that enables automated instructed “tagging” of individuals — introducing names to faces based mostly on […]

I not long ago examine a doc that summarised nicely some of the existing worries inside facial recognition engineering. It was a small and concise doc, even now I imagined to myself it may possibly be useful to make a shorter summary. Facial Recognition Technologies: A Primer provides a standard introduction […]