Fujitsu’s AI-Video Recognition Technology to Promote Correct Hand Washing

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and Fujitsu Exploration and Progress Heart Co., Ltd. (FRDC) now introduced the growth of “Actlyzer” hand wash movement recognition technological innovation, which leverages AI and equipment mastering approaches to discover advanced hand washing movements from online video info captured by digital camera.

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Amidst the ongoing world wide COVID-19 pandemic, the worth of hand washing as a measure to secure people’s wellbeing from microbes, influenza, and other infectious health conditions is attaining renewed consideration throughout the world. Below new polices(one) prepared to come into impact in June 2020 in Japan, food items small business operators will also be required to put into action much better steps to make sure cleanliness in accordance with international HACCP(2) food items protection expectations, building an urgent need to have for a non-invasive approach to rapidly and properly verify that handwashing is carried out in a correct fashion.

Anticipating this, Fujitsu has expanded the recognition purpose of its current “Actlyzer behavioral evaluation technology”, which can understand a range of refined and advanced human movements with out relying on huge quantities of schooling info. Especially, Fujitsu has refined recognition abilities for hand movements to build technological innovation to automatically understand complex hand movements performed during hand washing.

This technological innovation can make it achievable to effortlessly identify no matter whether anyone is pursuing every single of the 6 actions for handwashing advised by the Japanese Ministry of Health and fitness, Labour and Welfare, decreasing the selection of guy-several hours required for intrusive visible checks by inspectors for on-internet site sanitation administration.

Moving ahead, Fujitsu envisions this technological innovation being used in a range of other contexts, which includes in health care services, universities, hotels, and venues for huge situations, and options to conduct field trials and added exploration and growth into it as a opportunity resolution for its AI portfolio in the foreseeable future.

Developmental Track record

The Japanese Ministry of Health and fitness, Labour and Welfare recommends that individuals follow 6 actions to make sure their palms are thoroughly washed and reduce food items poisoning as very well as the distribute of infectious health conditions (Determine one).

Determine one: 6 Methods for Appropriate Hand Washing. Graphic credit: Fujitsu

At present, food items assistance sector personnel are required to perform these six actions when washing their palms and verify that during every single move the distinct areas of their palms have been rubbed far more than a certain selection of instances. To this stop, food items assistance providers fill out a check out sheet and make a self-report, and personnel on-internet site undergo visible checks by supervisors.

Simply because verification is still conducted manually, having said that, expenditures involved with human error, securing sources for inspectors, and many others. stay a persistent problem. As numerous manufacturers, which includes in the food items sector, go on the march to course of action automation for inspections by working with equipment mastering systems, hand washing checks symbolize a prime candidate for course of action optimization by automation.


Gesture recognition working with deep mastering is a common technique for determining hand and finger movements. This standard technique can detect various characteristic details, these kinds of as joints and fingertips, from an picture of the hand, and identify the hand gesture centered on the positional connection of the characteristic details (Determine 2 Still left).

Nevertheless, a person challenge with the current technological innovation was that when individuals wash their palms correctly, equally palms overlap and are lathered with cleaning soap, which obscures the detection details on the fingers and prevents correct gesture recognition (Determine 2 Suitable).

Determine 2: Common hand tracking tech (Still left: Gesture recognition benefits Suitable: Hand wash behavior). Graphic credit: Fujitsu

Freshly Designed Know-how

To resolve this problem, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and FRDC have formulated a new AI technological innovation that automatically and properly acknowledges hand movements beneath the situations described above, expanding the recognition purpose of the unique Actlyzer behavioral evaluation technological innovation.

With the new technological innovation, the advanced hand movements of handwashing are captured as a combination of hand shape and repetitive rubbing motions, detected by two deep mastering engines: Hand Shape Recognition and Motion Recognition (Determine 3).

Determine 3: Recognition of advanced two-hand finger movements as a combination of the over-all shape and movement patterns of equally palms. Graphic credit: Fujitsu

The two-hand shape recognition motor makes use of a realized design of a essential shape of two palms, which is a regular kind of hand movement in which palms are put on major of every single other, to identify the handshape for every single frame of the picture. Focusing on the over-all shape solves the trouble of when fingertips and joint characteristic details can’t be correctly detected thanks to hand overlap or foam.

In addition, Fujitsu’s unique AI technological innovation “High Sturdiness Mastering (Substantial Sturdiness Mastering)”, which can keep track of info adjustments, is used to make sure that the essential shape of equally palms is regarded with substantial precision even when the digital camera position or lighting adjustments during operation.

The motion recognition motor makes use of a realized design that detects periodically shifting motion from successive frames and counts the selection of iterations as the selection of rubs from the iteration pattern and its time period. In addition, the benefits of these two recognition engines are fed back again to every single other to strengthen recognition precision.

The motion recognition motor sets a threshold price for the magnitude of the motion to be judged in accordance with the actions regarded by the two-hand shape recognition motor to reduce detection of erroneous durations, these kinds of as hand tremors not connected to foam motion or rubbing. The two-hand shape recognition motor enhances detection precision by filtering the judgment end result working with the repetition pattern time period detected by the motion recognition motor.


A hand-wash online video info established with somewhere around 2000 variations which includes individuals, digital camera positions, and cleaning soap forms, was independently filmed and collected for mastering and analysis. It was confirmed that the precision of 6 actions of correct hand washing is regular of 95% or far more, and that the precision of the selection of palms rubbing movements is 90% or far more.

When running the procedure on-internet site, the omission of action could be prevented since the particular person washing their palms constantly appreciates how extended to scrub their palms and which of the six phases they’ve concluded since the procedure determines it is exhibited on the monitor until it is concluded. In addition to this, the procedure automatically data info with the starting timestamp and size of action of finishing every single six actions, and the selection of instances of rubbing. (Determine four).

Determine four: Example of recognition show. Graphic credit: Fujitsu

This technological innovation automates on-internet site handwashing checks for workplaces that call for rigid cleanliness manage, removing the selection of guy-several hours desired for visible affirmation and manual recording. On top of that, since the procedure doesn’t understand incorrect or incomplete hand washing, Fujitsu expects the resolution will assistance educate consumers and make sure standardization for the ideal way of handwashing.

(one) New polices Act for Partial Revision of the Foods Sanitation Act

(2) HACCP Hazard Evaluation and Essential Command Place. A sanitation administration strategy that ensures protection by controlling processes that are specifically crucial for removing or decreasing hazardous things in the total course of action from the receipt of raw materials to the cargo of products, centered on the small business operator’s comprehension of hazards these kinds of as contamination by food items-borne microbes. This is getting to be a necessary strategy mostly in formulated countries.

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