How The Surroundings Have An Impact in A Mental Health Facility

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The furniture in a mental health facility can make a big difference with the health of their clients. It does not matter if the mental health facility is for walk-in clients or if it is a short and long term stay for the clients. The furniture, both to sit on and to sleep, need to be comfortable enough for that facility’s clients.

Mental health furniture should be comfortable to sit on when the client is having alone time or having a session with the therapist. If the furniture is comfortable the client will feel comfortable too. When the client is comfortable they are more apt to open up more about what is troubling them at the present time. If a client can not sit comfortable enough then they would not open up about their problems at all or all the way. Being comfortable can help both the client and the therapist.

When it comes to mental health short and long term facilities the beds used for the clients need to be comfortable enough for them to sleep. If a client can not sleep well because of the bed then it can affect the client’s mood and behavior the following day. Being able to have a good night sleep is essential to every client.

Besides being comfortable to sit and sleep on, the mental health furniture should have a neutral color. If the color is too bright or too dark it can affect how the client feels.

The surroundings of the mental health facility should be sturdy. If the furniture and other surroundings in the facility are not sturdy, the client and employees could get hurt. Some clients react to situations differently, especially if they are having a breakdown or other mental health episode. If the furniture is sturdy it will not break into pieces very easily if a client decides to throw it during one of their episodes.

The lighting in the mental health facility is another part of the surrounding which could impact a client of the place. The lighting should not be too bright or too dull. The right lighting can help the client be comfortable while at the facility. If the lighting is too bright or too dark it can make a client uncomfortable and be standoffish around the employees and other clients.

The temperature is another part of the surrounding which could impact the clients and employees at the facility. If it is too cold then the clients and employees may have to have extra layers of clothing on. Too much clothing can make a person be uncomfortable no matter where they are. If the temperature is too hot then it can affect how people at the facility are feeling. The temperature inside the facility should be at the right spot to help the clients feel comfortable and welcomed while they are there.

No matter if it is a walk in facility or a short and long term facility, the clients need to feel comfortable and welcomed there. Being comfortable and feeling welcomed at the facility can have an impact on both the clients and employees of the mental health facility. The most important part of the surroundings is the mental health furniture because it will be what is used the most by the clients and employees. Other than furniture, the lighting and temperature needs to be at the right setting too. All of the surroundings will have an impact in a mental health facility.

Maria J. Danford

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