Gmail, R and sending email with blastula

How do you share your R analyses with other folks? R Markdown is one very good way, simply because it’s straightforward to combine text narrative, calculation benefits, and graphics. But how do you share your R Markdown files with colleagues?

You may well article them somewhere, email them as attachments, or use RStudio Join (a industrial product or service) to share them. Or, you can turn an R Markdown document into an email concept, and send it in the human body of your email, proper from R – ggplot graphs involved. That’s many thanks to the blastula deal from RStudio.

Here’s how it will work.

Initial, not incredibly, install and load the deal with install.offers("blastula") or controllers::install_github("rstudio/blastula").

Create an email concept with blastula

There are two ways to generate an email with blastula. My favored is to get started with an R Markdown document. Use blastula::blastula_email as the output structure, make guaranteed to involve a title, and you are all set to go. The other way is to use blastula’s compose_email() operate, which necessitates additional manual coding for additional than a basic text email. For this demo, I’ll use R Markdown.

I recommend building an vacant document in RStudio by likely to File > New File > R Markdown and clicking on the Create Empty Document button.

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