What Are the Features of Recruiting Software?

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Recruiting software, also known as applicant tracking software or talent acquisition software, helps organizations streamline and manage their recruitment and hiring process. It can be used to post job openings, collect and organize resumes and job applications, schedule interviews, and communicate with candidates. Some recruiting software also includes features for tracking and evaluating candidates, such as resume parsing and scorecards, as well as tools for onboarding new hires and integrating with human resources systems.

Many different recruiting software options are available, ranging from jobvite vs. smartrecruiters, and standalone systems to comprehensive talent management platforms that include recruitment tools as part of a broader suite of HR functionality. 

What’re the Features of a Recruiting Software?

Some common features of recruiting software include:

Job posting and applicant tracking: Recruiting software can post job openings on job boards, social media, and other platforms and collect and organize resumes and job applications in a central location.

Resume parsing: Resume parsing is a process that involves extracting and organizing information from job applicants’ resumes in a structured format. Resume parsing software automates this process, allowing organizations to quickly and easily extract relevant information from resumes and store it in a centralized location.

Resume parsing software typically works by analyzing the content of resumes and identifying specific information, such as names, job titles, education, and work experience. It can then extract this information and organize it into a standardized format, such as a database or spreadsheet, making it easier for organizations to evaluate and compare candidates.

Onboarding: Onboarding is integrating new employees into an organization and helping them become productive and successful in their new roles. Onboarding typically includes activities such as introducing the new hire to their team and colleagues, providing orientation and training on company policies and procedures, and helping the new hire get set up with the necessary tools and resources to do their job.

Onboarding software is a type of software that helps organizations manage and streamline the onboarding process for new hires. It can include features such as electronic forms for completing and signing paperwork, training materials and modules, and tools for scheduling and tracking onboarding activities. Some onboarding software may also integrate with HR and other tools, such as learning and performance management systems, to provide a more comprehensive view of the new hire’s progress and development.

Candidate communication: Effective communication with candidates is an essential aspect of the recruitment process, as it helps keep candidates informed and engaged and can improve the overall candidate experience. Recruiting software often includes tools and features to help organizations communicate with candidates promptly and professionally.

Evaluation and scorecards: Evaluation and scorecards are tools that can be used to help organizations make informed hiring decisions by objectively assessing candidates against a set of pre-defined criteria. Scorecards, in particular, are often used to evaluate candidates during the recruitment process and typically involve assigning scores or ratings to candidates based on their qualifications, skills, and other factors relevant to the job.

Scorecards can be a useful tool for evaluating candidates, as they provide a structured and objective way to assess and compare candidates and help ensure that hiring decisions are based on relevant and consistent criteria. They can also help organizations identify areas where candidates may be lacking or where additional training or development may be needed.

Finally, when considering a recruiting software solution, it’s essential to carefully evaluate the features and functionality of different platforms to ensure that they meet your organization’s needs.

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