Innovation in total-stack, server-aspect rendering JavaScript frameworks continues apace. Marko is developed beneath the aegis of eBay, who uses it in their e-commerce web site. Marko is meant to be an easy-to-master and superior-performance framework. Ryan Carniato, creator of SolidJS, has been associated in the advancement of Marko. He describes […]

It appears to be like just about every yr is a bumper yr for JavaScript, and 2021 is no distinct. In specific, a new technology of bundlers and establish resources is difficult the inertia of “good enough” resources. Improved pace, a improved improvement knowledge, and better-high-quality production builds are all […]

Microsoft-owned GitHub has signed an agreement to order JavaScript bundle registry provider NPM, with plans to combine the two platforms and go the non-public NPM packages of shelling out NPM consumers to the GitHub Packages registry. NPM will concentrate completely on its general public registry. The deal was announced March […]