Java 20, the next planned version of standard Java, has added four more proposed features recently, although they are capabilities previously previewed or incubated in standard Java and are being previewed or incubated again. Newly proposed capabilities for Java 20, or JDK (Java Development Kit) 20, are second previews of […]

Because of in September, Java 17 carries on to take condition, with four functions planned for the upgrade to conventional Java so far plus one aspect removal and a aspect deprecation. In the most up-to-date adjust, as of May well 10, the sealed lessons capacity previewed in each Java fifteen […]

Although not due until September, Java 17 has already begun to take shape, with two proposed new features now eyed for the next upgrade to standard Java. A MacOS rendering pipeline proposal was added on February 25. Earlier this month, a proposal of enhanced pseudorandom number generators was targeted for […]

Java Development Kit (JDK) 16 has added warnings for value-based classes and a second preview of sealed classes as planned capabilities, joining a host of other features ranging from a foreign linker API to pattern matching to concurrent thread-stack processing for garbage collection. JDK 16 will be the reference implementation […]

With Java 14 having reached general availability March 17, work continues on the successor, Java 15, due September 15, 2020. The latest changes eyed for the platform, as of May 14, 2020, include the addition of sealed classes and the removal of Solaris and SPARC ports.  Java Development Kit (JDK) […]