Why you should use Presto for ad hoc analytics

Presto! It’s not only an incantation to excite your audience immediately after a magic trick, but also a identify being utilized much more and much more when speaking about how to churn via huge knowledge. While there are lots of deployments of Presto in the wild, the technologies — a distributed SQL query motor that supports all sorts of knowledge sources — remains unfamiliar to lots of builders and knowledge analysts who could benefit from utilizing it.

In this short article, I’ll be speaking about Presto: what it is, where by it arrived from, how it is various from other knowledge warehousing alternatives, and why you need to take into consideration it for your huge knowledge alternatives.

Presto vs. Hive

Presto originated at Fb again in 2012. Open-sourced in 2013 and managed by the Presto Basis (element of the Linux Basis), Presto has professional a continual increase in attractiveness about the years. Today, a number of corporations have developed a small business product around Presto, this sort of as Ahana, with PrestoDB-based advertisement hoc analytics choices.

Presto was developed as a suggests to deliver end-users entry to tremendous knowledge sets to complete advertisement hoc examination. In advance of Presto, Fb would use Hive (also developed by Fb and then donated to the Apache Software Basis) in get to complete this type of examination. As Facebook’s knowledge sets grew, Hive was found to be insufficiently interactive (read through: also sluggish). This was largely mainly because the basis of Hive is MapReduce, which, at the time, required intermediate knowledge sets to be persisted to HDFS. That intended a large amount of I/O to disk for knowledge that was in the long run thrown absent. 

Presto usually takes a various strategy to executing these queries to conserve time. Alternatively of retaining intermediate knowledge on HDFS, Presto permits you to pull the knowledge into memory and complete operations on the knowledge there alternatively of persisting all of the intermediate knowledge sets to disk. If that appears familiar, you could have listened to of Apache Spark (or any range of other technologies out there) that have the exact same simple idea to effectively change MapReduce-based technologies. Applying Presto, I’ll keep the knowledge where by it life (in Hadoop or, as we’ll see, everywhere) and complete the executions in-memory across our distributed method, shuffling knowledge amongst servers as necessary. I stay away from touching any disk, in the long run dashing up query execution time.

How Presto is effective

Diverse from a traditional knowledge warehouse, Presto is referred to as a SQL query execution motor. Information warehouses management how knowledge is published, where by that knowledge resides, and how it is read through. The moment you get knowledge into your warehouse, it can prove difficult to get it again out. Presto usually takes a further strategy by decoupling knowledge storage from processing, whilst delivering assist for the exact same ANSI SQL query language you are utilized to.

At its main, Presto executes queries about knowledge sets that are furnished by plug-ins, specifically Connectors. A Connector provides a suggests for Presto to read through (and even create) knowledge to an exterior knowledge method. The Hive Connector is a single of the common connectors, utilizing the exact same metadata you would use to interact with HDFS or Amazon S3. Since of this connectivity, Presto is a fall-in replacement for corporations utilizing Hive these days. It is in a position to read through knowledge from the exact same schemas and tables utilizing the exact same knowledge formats — ORC, Avro, Parquet, JSON, and much more. In addition to the Hive connector, you will uncover connectors for Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Kafka, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and lots of other folks. Connectors are being contributed to Presto all the time, offering Presto the prospective to be in a position to entry knowledge everywhere it life.

The advantage of this decoupled storage product is that Presto is in a position to deliver a single federated check out of all of your knowledge — no issue where by it resides. This ramps up the capabilities of advertisement hoc querying to levels it has never ever reached right before, whilst also delivering interactive query occasions about your substantial knowledge sets (as extensive as you have the infrastructure to again it up, on-premises or cloud).

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Maria J. Danford

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