The arrival of the new A Series from Oppo, Oppo A53

Harga HP OPPO A53 RAM 4 GB hanya Rp 2 jutaan, berikut spesifikasi lengkapnya

The mobile market segment is rumored to be welcoming Oppo phones that have received a specification update, namely the HP Oppo A53. In 2015, the Oppo A53 has officially completed the mid-range line of mobile phones.

At that time, this cellphone received a number of sophisticated and capable specifications. So do not be surprised, if the Oppo A53 Price is the best cellphone in its class.

It has even won the title as a cellphone that is selling well in the market, because of the enthusiasm of the general public. Hearing that there is an update to the old version, of course this will be good news for us.

Mid-range cell phones, of course, have had a fast turnaround lately. So it makes perfect sense if Oppo is already working on the Oppo A53.

In fact, this phone will be the successor to the Oppo A52 which was launched a few months ago, to be precise in April. There is something unique about the presence of this phone.

The new Oppo A53 will share its name with different Oppo phones when we see it in 2015. Apparently the company has thought that five years is quite a time.

Especially for launching updates on their cellphone products. So that there will be no confusion by seeing a step like this. In order to cure curiosity about the HP Oppo A53, here we summarize the specifications for you.

The leaked specifications of the new Oppo A53 have been revealed to the surface in great detail. Of course this grabs the attention of almost all cellphone users.

As we know, the old Oppo A53 comes with a screen size of 5.5 inches. Meanwhile, now the new Oppo A53 has a screen size of 5.5 inches with LCD display support.

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