This Michigan Tech Winter Carnival, twin alumnae share Husky pride, Blue Key memories, student-athlete highlights — and how Michigan Tech changed them. In a Michigan Tech Q&A, twins Jennifer (Jung) Lucas ’09 and Christa (Jung) Cooper ’09 talk about their differences, including academic majors, positions played and accolades received on […]

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is a swift chemical investigation device. A impressive laser pulse is targeted on a sample to generate a microplasma. The elemental or molecular emission spectra from that microplasma can be utilized to decide the elemental composition of the sample. In comparison with far more common technology, […]

TypeScript 3.nine, the hottest variation of the well known typed superset of JavaScript from Microsoft, is now accessible as a manufacturing release. The up grade graduated from a release prospect phase and cross the complete line on May well twelve, 2020.  TypeScript 3.nine emphasizes general performance, polish, and stability. Microsoft […]