San Francisco police department considers letting robots use deadly force, FDA approves a $3.5 million worth treatment for hemophilia and Brazil regulator seizes hundreds of iPhones.   That’s all the tech news that’s trending right now, welcome to Hashtag Trending. It’s Friday, November 25th and I’m your host, Ashee Pamma. […]

As you study this article, touch receptors in your skin are sensing your ecosystem. Your garments and jewellery, the chair you are sitting on, the computer keyboard or cellular product you are applying, even your fingers as they brush a person a further unintentionally — just about every touch activates […]

Octopus tentacles can shift in numerous directions, but also type rigid joint-like constructions for a lot more precise movements. Caterpillars can journey by making use of inchworm movements, as perfectly as coil up and propel on their own away from predators. This kind of abilities allow for organisms to prosper […]

Alumni-established Multiply Labs employs an automatic producing platform to produce sophisticated remedies at scale. Over the previous two a long time, Multiply Labs has helped pharmaceutical firms produce biologic drugs with its robotic producing platform. The robots can get the job done close to the clock, specifically formulating modest batches […]