The Agile Manifesto values “individuals and interactions around processes and tools.” 1 of the signers’ crucial principles is, “The greatest architectures, needs, and designs emerge from self-arranging groups.” I concur with these principles but am pragmatic about what self-arranging groups should be in exercise and how a great deal determination-earning […]

The Earth Local climate Convention in Glasgow has just ended, and the dilemma is irrespective of whether the purpose of optimum world wide heating of one.5°C can continue to be obtained. In a design calculation, scientists exhibit how the electricity transition could direct to the least expensive possible cumulative emissions: […]

Immediately after several years of anticipation, sodium-ion batteries are setting up to deliver on their guarantee for power storage. But so considerably, their commercialization is minimal to substantial-scale employs this sort of as storing power on the grid. Sodium-ion batteries just never have the oomph essential for EVs and laptops. […]