Q&A with Diversity Award Winner Joan Schumaker-Chadde

Maria J. Danford

Joan Schumaker-Chadde’s body of work is a lot like Lake Superior: the list of attributes,
no matter how complete, can’t fully articulate its depth and breadth.

Chadde’s 25-year history of serving teachers and students across the state of Michigan
with original and impactful outreach has been recognized with the 2020
Michigan Tech Diversity Award.

 About the Award

Established in 2014, Michigan Tech’s Diversity Award showcases Michigan Tech faculty
and staff who demonstrate exemplary commitment to initiatives that forward diversity
and inclusion. Their contributions come in many forms, including recruitment, retention,
teaching, research, multicultural programming, cultural competency and community outreach.

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Erika Hersch-Green Wins CAREER Award for Biodiversity Research

Maria J. Danford

Rising amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus in terrestrial ecosystems lead to lowering
biodiversity, not only amongst plant species, but in herbivores and pollinators as effectively.

Globally, ecosystems transform as the local weather does, responding to shifts in temperature
and the availability of drinking water and nutrients these kinds of as nitrogen and phosphorus. These
shifts have an affect on plant community productivity and variety. Nonetheless, in general we know
really tiny about how these alterations come about.

Erika Hersch-Eco-friendly, evolutionary biologist and assistant professor of biological sciences at Michigan Technological College, has acquired a Nationwide Science Foundation Job award

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