Quantum Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robot Navigation Tasks

Classical deep reinforcement learning has been made use of for robotic behaviors even so, these strategies have several drawbacks, this sort of as massive sample complexity and confined generalization capabilities. Quantum computing opens the way for advancements in autonomous robotics.

Modern autonomous robots often use deep reinforcement learning techniques.

Modern autonomous robots normally use deep reinforcement studying procedures. Picture credit history: Jiuguang Wang by using Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.

A modern paper revealed on arXiv.org demonstrates the feasibility of quantum deep reinforcement studying for a simulated robotic job.

Researchers use the tactic of the hybrid schooling of parameterized quantum circuits. A parameterized quantum algorithm is optimized as a perform approximator with classical optimization methods in a hybrid quantum-classical setup. It is demonstrated that it is achievable to clear up three simulated navigation responsibilities for a wheeled robot with a quantum simulator by utilizing parameters that are inside of the arrive at of in close proximity to-time period quantum computers.

The hybrid set up demonstrates general performance similar with the classical foundation and can learn behaviors in extra compact versions.

In this perform, we make the most of Quantum Deep Reinforcement Understanding as system to discover navigation tasks for a simple, wheeled robotic in a few simulated environments of growing complexity. We exhibit comparable functionality of a parameterized quantum circuit skilled with effectively proven deep reinforcement finding out procedures in a hybrid quantum-classical set up compared to a classical baseline. To our awareness this is the initially demonstration of quantum device discovering (QML) for robotic behaviors. Hence, we build robotics as a feasible field of analyze for QML algorithms and henceforth quantum computing and quantum equipment learning as probable approaches for future progress in autonomous robotics. Over and above that, we examine present constraints of the presented technique as very well as foreseeable future exploration directions in the subject of quantum equipment discovering for autonomous robots.

Exploration paper: Heimann, D., Hohenfeld, H., Wiebe, F., and Kirchner, F., “Quantum Deep Reinforcement Finding out for Robot Navigation Tasks”, 2022. Connection: https://arxiv.org/abdominal muscles/2202.12180

Maria J. Danford

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