How to Take Care of and Maintain Your Fedora Hat? The Essential Hat Care Guidelines

Hat Care and Cleaning Guides by American Hat Makers

Do you own a fedora hat? If yes, then you have a style accessory that will add to your persona and keep your head protected from the sun’s harsh rays. You can also choose the fedora hat materials, such as felt or straw, based on what caters to your choice and mood. But above all, it’s essential to take good care of your hat so that it lasts long and is durable. 

Are you a hat enthusiast? Do you want to keep your fedora hat women in good shape? If yes, then it’s essential to take good care of your hat. Generally, people pick up the hat from the front by pinching the dents or holding it by the brim edge. If you choose the hat from the front side, it will end up reshaping the hat permanently. And in case you do this and do not get the hats re-blocked, then the felt might just tear off. 

When you select your fedora hat from the brim, you need to do that in very close proximity to the crown as much as you can to reduce the brim distortion over time. The reason is that the hat crown holds the hat shape of the hat better than the brim. It’s essential to handle the hat by using great care towards the crown. 

Also, every hat owner wants to add more life to their hat. You can get it done by cleaning, drying, caring for, and correctly storing the hat. This article will discuss some of the best hat care tips that will ensure that your hat looks the best. 

You need to take care of the hat shape

The fedora doesn’t have a waistline; however, it should stay in good shape. When you keep it incorrectly, you will find that the dent gets bent very easily. It would help if you kept the hat upside down for the brim not to get flattened out. After that, it will not fit you correctly. Also, if it’s possible for you, ensure to keep the hat on the hook or a wide peg so that there are no dimples. If you want, you can also keep the hat on the flat surface, for instance, in the shelf of a closer. Also, if you are thinking of storing your hat for the long term, you need to buy a hatbox that offers assistance for both crown and brim, securing the hat from moisture and dust. 

You need to choose the correct brush

When you make use of the ordinary brushing, it can do well for a dirty hat. However, you should know that varied hats require varied hats. The ideal way to clean the wool or the fur felt fedora hat is by using a soft bristle brush. On the other hand, the stiff bristles work best if your hat is made of silk, leather, or suede. If you have a straw hat, you can make use of the whisk broom and gently pass it over and get rid of the debris and dust. 

You need to avert water

Irrespective of the type of fedora hat you have, it will not be suitable for a downpour. But just in case your hat gets drenched in the rain, you need to get rid of the excess water by shaking the hat. There’s no need to search for a towel. It’s perfect for wiping off the straw fedora hat gently. But when it comes to leather, fur, suede, and wool hats, you will have to brush off the water using special brushes.

On the other hand, the canvas and the fabric hats can withstand a little water when you are washing them gently. You need to follow one word of caution – you shouldn’t use the hair dryer or a clothes dryer for drying the hat. That way, you can affect the hat shape. 

Make the best use of the steam

If you find that felt or straw fedora hats get dented or bent, then a certain percentage of steam can help. You have to hold the hat atop the steaming tea kettle or beside the clothes steamer for almost 30 seconds. After that, you can reshape the hat using your fingers. You can also use the iron on the straw hat to do away with the damage if you want. Ensure that the heat is on a low setting so that you don’t burn the straw. 

Last but not least, you can resort to dry corn starch. It’s a great household staple that does a wonderful job of removing grease stains. You must check the label within your hat for cleaning directions and particular care. In case you have any doubts, you can ask the online hat maker for the guidelines. They will provide you with the necessary procedures to keep your hat clean and well-maintained. 

Maria J. Danford

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