Help! A Male Colleague Thinks I’m Scary

Dear OOO,

I’m a woman middle manager at a medium-dimension organization. “Ben,” a male colleague with whom I’m relatively near, just instructed me that “Steve,” a male colleague with whom I’m not near, instructed Ben that he’s scared of me. Steve and I do not do the job in the same division but are in meetings together rather routinely, and now I’m so self-acutely aware all around him. I’m a wonderful individual, not a bully, I swear, but I like to be immediate, which I believe Steve interprets as scary? Ben thinks it’s just because I’m a female, but I have no concept how to act all around this guy now—help!



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This is absolutely, definitely, indubitably going on because you are a female. I have to have zero further facts about your workplace or your identity or Steve to know further than a shadow of a doubt that he is both scared of you—or he’s telling folks he’s scared of you—because he’s unpleasant with females in the workplace.

I know this because I have been instructed four periods that I arrive off as frightening, and each and every time the accuser has been a gentleman. (In 75 p.c of people conditions, as in yours, the gentleman has evidently been too scared to convey to me himself, so I get the information filtered as a result of nonetheless one more gentleman.) I know this because I questioned a bunch of other women—women I know to be wonderful folks!—whether a gentleman has ever accused them of remaining frightening at do the job, and each and every single a single stated of course. I know this because I have labored with numerous gentlemen who contact them selves feminists but visibly deal with gentlemen and females differently in the office environment, and because I have labored with numerous females who have consciously or subconsciously altered their behavior at do the job in excess of time to accommodate them. I do not know your Steve, but I know Steve.

I also know because the academic analysis bears it out. A 2015 study revealed in Character and Social Psychology Bulletin identified that “men sense much more threatened (relative to females) by females in top-quality roles (relative to gentlemen in top-quality roles) and, as a outcome, engage in much more assertive behaviors toward these females.” In a single section of the experiment, gentlemen were being instructed to make your mind up how to split a $10,000 reward among them selves and a fictitious manager. When a woman manager was explained as “ambitious,” gentlemen saved considerably much more than fifty percent of the cash for them selves. “Men are perceived to be much more deserving and suited leaders than females,” a single of the study’s authors instructed the Minimize at the time. “Ambitious agency is also reliable with the male gender function. For that reason, gentlemen trying to get power really don’t dismantle or challenge the regular gender hierarchy.”

Validation from an web guidance columnist that the trouble is Steve and not you does not fix factors, I understand. It does, however, allow us to confront the suitable trouble: You do the job with a gentleman who is unpleasant with females at do the job. (Explained one more way: You’re not frightening.) Difficulty is, there’s no simple way to make gentlemen improved at doing the job with females (lol/sob). Regardless of what you do, remember to do not test to modulate your behavior all around Steve altering who you are seldom functions quite properly, and it’s an unfair question no matter. Confronting another person who previously thinks you’re “scary,” in the meantime, isn’t likely to go wonderful both. You’re heading to sense self-acutely aware all around him for a when, but test your ideal to be your usual, type, immediate self—this is his trouble to deal with, not yours.

Let’s discuss about Ben, however. Some coworkers are so near that they convey to each individual other every thing, and if my closest colleague experienced unsuccessful to convey to me that some dude experienced identified as me frightening, I would be gravely upset. But your use of the phrase “relatively” makes me believe it’s possible you and Ben’s are not that near, in which scenario he absolutely should really not have instructed you. That’s not a information anybody would want sent by anybody apart from an exceptionally near close friend! It’s too late to place that toothpaste again in the tube, but Ben is actually the a single with the obligation in this article. If he didn’t place Steve in his position in the moment, Ben should really go again and say something. He can begin by telling Steve there’s very little frightening about you, you’re essentially wonderful to do the job with, and that he should really test finding to know you improved.

For further male-ally cookies, Ben should really also gently propose (or not gently!) that it’s a bit sexist to contact a female frightening because she suggests what she implies. All over again, it’s true that there is no simple way to make gentlemen improved at doing the job with females. But there is a challenging way: It requires the Bens of the earth stepping up.

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