Ecovacs Deebot OSMO 920 hands-on: A multi-use robot vacuum with smart app features Review

I was really amazed with the Ecovacs Deebot 711 robotic vacuum  I tried past year and I was looking forward to putting the OSMO 920 as a result of its paces. This Deebot OSMO 920 robotic from Ecovacs does not disappoint at all.

Although identical in appears to be like to the 711, the OSMO 920 has some wonderful additional functions. Compared with other models, this robotic can at the same time vacuum and mop at the same time conserving you time. 

All the other multi-intent robotic vacuums with mopping attributes will only conduct one functionality at one time, that means that the time taken to vacuum and mop flooring is doubled.

To be reasonable, the water tank is not enormous, but it is completely equipped to the robotic. There is no faffing all-around altering the tanks over when you want to clean the floor — as opposed to other models I  have tried.

Also, the OSMO 920 will not try to roam over any carpeted space when in mopping manner. Furthermore, the app permits you to control how significantly water is used for the mopping.

My only issue with this, and other mopping robots, is that the mop is fundamentally a washcloth affixed to the base of the vacuum.

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It will glide over the floor, but it will disregard any stubborn stains that want much more awareness. However, if you use the mop daily, then the floor, the moment correctly cleaned, will remain cleanse.

Hands on with the Ecovacs Deebot OSMO 920 robot vacuum A multi-use vacuum with smart app features zdnet


I do like the actuality that the Deebot maps the space that it has cleaned and will save this map for exact cleaning.

Some robotic vacuums seem to wander all-around the floor in a random way, lacking some regions, and overcleaning many others.

The actuality that the map is saved, the vacuum guarantees that it covers all regions, and does not pass up any.

Compared with quite a few other robots I review, this robotic is straightforward to connect to its app.

Underneath the dust little bit cover, in the vicinity of the most important energy and Wi-Fi switch, there is a QR code, which you scan to connect this design to the app.

The app will not connect over 5GHz, but operates well and immediately connects.

The app has quite a few attributes such as scheduling, mapping, and a log showing how extensive the extras have been used for.

The app enables you to produce zones where the robotic will not consider to cross. These no-go zones will make the robotic much more economical. 

Like most other robotic vacuums the Deebot OSMO 920 detects objects in its path and adjustments route. It also has edge sensors that means that it will not drop off ledges or down stairs.

You can also set the robotic to map distinctive regions — for illustration, an upstairs zone, and a distinctive zone for downstairs. Maps are saved in the app. In use, the robotic is peaceful — even when on max suction. It does not bump into partitions and proficiently cleans the space.

The Deebot can be controlled by voice working with Alexa or Google Assistant. Although this operates well, I did not tend to use this function throughout my trial. I chosen to set the program on the app and configure the robotic to cleanse instantly to a daily program.

This design has a smaller sized battery than in the OSMO 950 design. However, the OSMO 920 has a good function: When the robotic detects that its battery is small, it will return to the dock to charge, then go on its cleaning of the space if it has not finished its path.

This is a amazing innovation and a really valuable function if you want to cleanse a significant space.

I also discovered that just after working with the vacuum in floor cleaning manner on carpets daily, the brushes started out to bend. It appears to be like the brush bristles are a very little smooth for continuous use on carpets and will want replacing much more generally than other makes of robotic.

However, this may possibly not be the scenario on difficult flooring. Fortuitously, in the box, there is a set of additional brushes. Ecovacs advocate that the brushes are adjusted every 3 to 6 months.

All in all, the Deebot OSMO 920 is a outstanding multi-functionality robotic vacuum, which is straightforward to connect to the app and configure. It operates well in both equally vacuum and mopping models and will top rated up its charge if it has not finished cleaning its mapped space.

The Ecovacs Deebot OSMO 920 is unquestionably really worth contemplating if you want a vacuum and mopping robotic that you can regulate by voice — and by its app. You will not be upset.

Maria J. Danford

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