Best free and public DNS servers of 2020 : Alternative domain name servers for businesses and individuals

DNS (Area Title System) is a system which translates the area names you enter in a browser to the IP addresses expected to access individuals sites.

Your ISP will assign you DNS servers any time you join to the web, but these may well not normally be the best alternative. Sluggish DNS servers can cause a lag just before internet websites commence to load, and if your server occasionally goes down, you may well not be ready to access any sites at all.

Switching to a cost-free community DNS server can make a actual big difference, with a lot more responsive searching and prolonged 100% uptime information indicating you can find significantly less chance of technological complications.

Some products and services can also block access to phishing or contaminated sites, and a number of offer written content filtering to continue to keep your young ones absent from the worst of the internet.

You want to select your company with care – not all providers will automatically be far better than your ISP – but to help issue you in the appropriate course, this write-up will emphasize 6 of the best cost-free DNS servers around.

Why paid DNS is far better than cost-free

As with every single company, you get what you pay for and it’s no distinct listed here. Totally free DNS can be superior but it’s almost nothing when compared to a Quality paid edition. Granted, not anyone needs to pay and depending on their wants they may possibly not want to, but paid DNS is normally a far better alternative. Apart from the greater internet site functionality and safety, you also get added characteristics.

For occasion, Dynamic DNS and Secondary DNS are a staple of the high quality DNS company. The Dynamic DNS performs with dynamic IP addresses and it enables users to access their property computer from wherever in the world. The Secondary DNS performs as a backup of sorts which is normally a as well as. This is just a compact portion of what a high quality DNS can do and the specific variety of characteristics will depend on the company service provider.


1. OpenDNS

Main, secondary DNS servers: and

Veteran operator

Phishing sites blocked by default

Optional internet filtering

Founded in 2005 and now owned by Cisco, OpenDNS is a person of the most important names in community DNS.

The cost-free company features plenty of positive aspects: large speeds, 100% uptime, phishing sites blocked by default, optional parental controls-type internet filtering to block internet websites by written content type, together with cost-free e-mail support if nearly anything goes improper.

Professional ideas permit viewing a background of your web action for up to the last yr, and can optionally lock down your system by making it possible for access to particular internet websites only. These usually are not going to be must-have characteristics for the regular consumer, but if you’re fascinated, they can be yours for around $twenty (£14.30) a yr.

If you’re an outdated hand at swapping DNS, you can get started quickly by reconfiguring your system to use the OpenDNS nameservers.

If you’re a novice, that’s ok way too, as OpenDNS has setup guidance for PCs, Macs, mobile equipment, routers and significantly, significantly a lot more.


two. Cloudflare

Main, secondary DNS servers: and 1…1

Amazing functionality

Tight privacy levels

Local community discussion board for support

Best identified for its best-rated written content shipping and delivery community, Cloudflare has extended its array to incorporate a new community DNS company, the catchily-named

Cloudflare has concentrated significantly a lot more on the fundamentals. These commence with functionality, and impartial screening from sites like DNSPerf shows Cloudflare is the quickest community DNS company around.

Privacy is an additional significant emphasize. Cloudflare won’t just assure that it would not use your searching info to provide advertisements it commits that it will in no way generate the querying IP address (yours) to disk. Any logs that do exist will be deleted inside of 24 several hours. And these statements usually are not just reassuring text on a internet site. Cloudflare has retained KPMG to audit its techniques every year and create a community report to verify the enterprise is offering on its claims.

The internet site has some setup advice, with simple tutorials masking Home windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux and routers. These are pretty generic – you get a person established of guidance for all versions of Home windows, for occasion – but there are some pluses (IPv6 as nicely as IPv4 specifics) and you should really be ready to determine it out. Also, mobile users can use WARP which secures all of the phone’s web visitors.

The item won’t offer ad-blocking or attempt to monitor what you can access, and what you are not able to. The a person caveat is that Cloudflare has launched written content filtering for malware and grownup written content blocking, with their 1.1.1.two/1…2 and…3 services respectively, but this is an solution a consumer can select fairly than have compelled on them.

If you have any complications, Cloudflare features a neighborhood discussion board the place you can talk to questions or see what some others are accomplishing, a wonderful extra contact which we would like to see adopted by other providers.

Google Community DNS

3. Google Community DNS

Main, secondary DNS servers: eight.eight.eight.eight and eight.eight.four.four

Solid on the privacy entrance

Commendable transparency

Intended for seasoned users

Google has its fingers in most internet-associated pies, and DNS is no exception: it is really cost-free Community DNS is a simple and productive replacement for your have ISP’s nameservers.

Privacy are not able to very match the ‘we don’t continue to keep anything’ claims of Cloudflare, but it is really not negative. The company logs the total IP address information and facts of the querying system for around 24 to 48 several hours for troubleshooting and diagnostic applications. ‘Permanent’ logs fall any personally identifiable information and facts and reduce locale specifics to the city degree, and all but a compact random sample of these are deleted just after two months.

You will find a additional reward for seasoned users in Google’s in depth description of the company. If you would like to be ready to assess the significance of Google’s privacy policy, for occasion, you can go through up on completely anything the company logs have to locate out for by yourself.

Google’s support website features only pretty essential advice targeted at seasoned users, warning that “only users who are proficient with configuring operating system configurations [should really] make these changes.” If you’re not sure what you’re accomplishing, verify the tutorials from a service provider this sort of as OpenDNS, remembering to replace its nameservers with Google’s: eight.eight.eight.eight and eight.eight.four.four.

Comodo Secure DNS

four. Comodo Secure DNS

Main, secondary DNS servers: eight.26.fifty six.26 and eight.twenty.247.twenty

Aim on safety

Intelligent managing of parked domains

Functionality may possibly not be so incredibly hot

Comodo Group is the electrical power at the rear of a host of exceptional safety goods, so it is really no shock that the enterprise also features its have community DNS company.

Just as you would expect, Comodo Secure DNS has a strong concentrate on protection. It won’t just block phishing sites, but also warns if you check out to stop by sites with malware, adware, even parked domains which may possibly overload you with advertising (pop-ups, pop-unders and a lot more). Furthermore, you can check out out the Comodo Dome Defend company, which adds added characteristics to Comodo Secure DNS.

Comodo statements its company is smarter than regular, way too, detecting makes an attempt to stop by parked or ‘not in use’ domains and instantly forwarding you to the place you genuinely want to go.

Functionality is critical, of study course, and the enterprise implies its throughout the world community of servers and good routing technology give it an advantage. DNSPerf’s Comodo stats are less amazing, however. As we generate, DNSPerf reviews its regular query time as around 72ms.

That claimed, Comodo may well however be interesting if you’re on the lookout for an extra layer of internet filtering, and the support internet site has some short but useful guidance on environment the company up on Home windows PCs, Macs, routers and Chromebooks.


five. Quad9

Main, secondary DNS servers: nine.nine.nine.nine and

Fast functionality levels

Blocks malicious domains

Restricted help in phrases of setup

Quad9 is a younger DNS outfit which has been providing a quickly and cost-free DNS company considering that August 2016.

The enterprise sells alone on its ability to block malicious domains by collecting intelligence from ‘a variety of community and personal sources.’ It truly is not crystal clear what these sources are, but the internet site says Quad9 applied 18+ ‘threat intelligence providers’ as of December 2018.

Which is a minor way too imprecise for us, and we’re not persuaded that working with a big variety of threat intelligence providers will automatically help – the excellent of the intelligence is generally a lot more significant than the quantity.

You will find no arguing about Quad9’s functionality, although. DNSPerf at this time charges it seven out of 10 for regular throughout the world query occasions, lagging at the rear of Cloudflare and OpenDNS, but very easily outpacing contenders like Comodo.

Drilling down into the element reveals some versions in pace – Quad9 is in eighth location for North American queries – but general the company however delivers far better functionality than most.

Set up advice is a minor constrained, with tutorials for the newest versions of Home windows and macOS only. They’re nicely presented, although, and it is really not tricky to determine out what you want to do.


6. Verisign DNS

Main, secondary DNS servers: and

Rather steady

Very good safety

Not the quickest company

Verisign was started in 1995 and via the many years presented a variety of products and services, together with a number of safety products and services, like managed DNS.

Verisign DNS company is cost-free to use and the enterprise highlights the a few characteristics they deem the most significant and individuals are security, safety, and privacy. The company undoubtedly delivers on that account, especially for safety and security. As for privacy, even though you can in no way be 100% absolutely sure when it arrives to the enterprise statements, there were not any concerns and the enterprise assures you that your community DNS info will not be sold to 3rd events.

Functionality, even so, wasn’t that wonderful when when compared to some other providers. Nonetheless, it is really respectable and depending on your wants, you may possibly not be bothered by this. At the instant, ranks the company at tenth location, throughout the world.

On their internet site, you can locate tutorials on how to established up their community DNS. Tutorials are offered for Home windows 7 and ten, Mac, Linux, and mobile equipment. There is also a tutorial on how to configure DNS server configurations on your router.

All in all, Verisign features a superior different to some other DNS providers, as well as it is really cost-free so it is really worthy of checking out.

Bought additional questions about DNS? Here are some prevalent queries together with our solutions.

What is DNS?

The Area Title System (DNS) is a phonebook for the web, a framework which translates area names, like or, into the IP addresses important for equipment to load individuals web means.

The mechanics of DNS can be very sophisticated, as information and facts just isn’t held in a one databases, but fairly dispersed in a throughout the world listing together with a wide variety of DNS servers.

Fortuitously, the regular web consumer won’t normally have to get involved in any of the reduced-degree technological specifics. Your ISP instantly provides you with access to a DNS server any time you go on the web, and any time you enter a URL into your browser, this will locate the relevant IP address for you. 


Your ISP DNS just isn’t accomplishing? Verisign is a person of numerous big-name corporations providing a cost-free different

Why may possibly DNS make a difference to me?

DNS servers can fluctuate vastly in pace, specifically in places which don’t normally have the best web coverage (Africa, South The usa, Oceania.) To just take an example of a one day when we tested, noted Cloudflare realized an regular four.43ms query time for Oceania, even though Yandex was remaining trailing at 350.24ms. Which is perhaps a lot more than a 3rd of a 2nd in extra waiting around time just before your browser is ready to access any new internet site.

This is an extreme example, to be reasonable. European or US lookups may well see less than 30ms variation among most DNS products and services, and as your system or router will most likely cache the address for reuse later on, even this hold off will only happen pretty occasionally. Nonetheless, a sluggish DNS server can significantly sluggish down your searching in some situations, and seeking an different – especially as the best solutions are all cost-free – is generally a superior notion.

You will find a 2nd possible reward in phrases of uptime. If your ISP DNS server fails, you may possibly not be ready to access some or all of your beloved sites. Big-name providers this sort of as OpenDNS claim they’ve experienced 100% uptime going back again many years.

DNS Jumper

How can I locate the quickest DNS company?

DNS pace is dependent on numerous aspects, together with your locale, the distance to your closest server, and that server getting enough electrical power and bandwidth to tackle all the queries it receives.

DNS Jumper is a moveable freeware device which checks numerous community DNS products and services to locate out which delivers the best functionality for you.

The program has a large amount of solutions, but just isn’t tricky to use. Launch it, simply click Speediest DNS > Start out DNS Exam, and inside of a number of seconds you’ll be on the lookout at a checklist of DNS products and services sorted by pace.

DNS Jumper can be useful, in certain due to the fact it is really checking how servers accomplish from your locale, but it won’t operate enough checks more than a extensive enough interval to give you a definitive remedy.


DNSPerf checks numerous DNS products and services every single moment from 200+ places around the world and helps make the results freely offered on its have internet site. This presents a pretty superior typical notion of functionality, and also enables viewing how products and services review on distinct continents, as nicely as assessing their uptime.

How can I change DNS servers?

The methods involved in transforming your DNS company fluctuate in accordance to your hardware and possibly your operating system edition.

Usually, you must commence by finding the principal and secondary nameservers for the DNS company you would like to use. These IP addresses are normally shown pretty evidently on the company internet site, so, for example, Cloudflare DNS uses and 1…1.

The most straightforward method for property users is to update their router to use the new addresses. Most other equipment will then choose up the new DNS configurations instantly, with no additional work expected.

To make this come about you must log in to your router (the default password may well be printed on its base) and appear for the recent DNS principal and secondary nameservers. Make a be aware of the recent values in situation of complications, then replace them with the nameservers you would like to use.

If you operate into complications, verify out your DNS company internet site for any setup advice. Hold in brain that you can also use the tutorials of other DNS providers, as extensive as you recall to replace their nameserver IPs with your most popular solutions. OpenDNS, for occasion, has particular advice for numerous distinct router forms on its support website.

If router tweaks usually are not appropriate for your condition, you may well have to transform the DNS configuration of each individual person system. Cloudflare has short and simple advice listed here, even though the OpenDNS internet site goes into a lot more depth.

How can I find my current DNS servers?

How can I locate my recent DNS servers?

If you’re troubleshooting your web link, or maybe imagining of switching DNS servers, it may possibly be useful to verify which DNS servers you’re working with at the instant.

The most straightforward way to do this is to stop by and tap the Conventional Exam button. Inside of a number of seconds the internet site will normally exhibit your DNS server IP addresses, host names, and occasionally (if suitable) the name of your ISP.

Immediately after that, lifetime receives a lot more sophisticated as there are a number of likely solutions. Your system could be established up to use particular DNS servers it may possibly talk to your router to give it the best DNS servers every single time it boots or it may possibly not know nearly anything about DNS servers, and leave your router to tackle anything.

On Home windows, you could get started by entering IPCONFIG /ALL in a command line window. Glance for your community adapter and you should really see its DNS servers specified in the checklist.

If you can find a one DNS IP address which details at your router – 192.168.x.x – that implies the router is managing all DNS queries. Enter that IP address into your browser, log in to the router if important and your DNS servers should really be listed amongst the configurations.

How can I test a DNS service?

How can I exam a DNS company?

If your browser is telling you a website’s ‘server IP address could not be found’, even although you’re absolutely sure it is really up and offered, then this could be because of to a trouble with your DNS. But you may possibly not want to go to the difficulties of transforming your DNS company to locate out.

Home windows users can use the command line device nslookup.exe to appear at the results of any DNS server with no touching their system configurations.

Operate cmd.exe to open a command line window, then type:

nslookup internet

Then push Enter (replace internet with the address of whatever internet site you’re seeking to achieve).

Nslookup uses your default DNS server to appear for the IP address of internet If it tells you it ‘can’t locate internet’, this means your DNS server won’t have a document for that area.

Upcoming, notify the device to use an additional DNS company by entering a command like:

nslookup internet eight.eight.eight.eight

The eight.eight.eight.eight address uses Google DNS – replace that with any DNS company you like, this sort of as for Cloudflare.

If nslookup returns faults working with numerous servers, this won’t appear like a DNS issue. If a person server returns an IP address and an additional won’t, you may possibly want to check out environment up your system to use the performing DNS and see if it helps make any big difference.

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